Thursday, 3 December 2015


By Nick Durie

I appreciate most people don't need to read this, but there are clearly some out there who do. The prevalence of 'blame the Rothschilds' type of propaganda I see conspiracists sharing everywhere is something that I genuinely despair at.

The Rothschild group is undoubtedly a rich and powerful capitalist finance group - they emply 2800 people, and have a presence in 40 countries, and they specialise in financial advice.

The family who own the business are descended from the Court Jews of the free City of Frankfurt who worked for a defunct small German monarchy (hence their association with high finance). Their name became synonymous with Nazi attacks on "Jewish financiers" who the Nazis claimed had stabbed the German people in the back leading, they counter-factually claimed, to the defeat of the Kaiser in the WW1 (in fact Germany surrendered because of a mass working class uprising).

This is the reason that the otherwise unremarkable - if large - financial group ran under the family name is a household name. The Nazis alleged they secretly ran the world, because the Nazis needed a scapegoat and generations of European anti-Semitism meant they could pick on the Jews most easily. When you claim that these people are running the world, you are basically channelling Nazi propaganda. It isn't a thoughtful thing to say, it doesn't make you clever, like you've sussed a secretive plot. What it shows is that you're a raving anti-Semite whose explanation for the complexity and frustrations of global economics and geopolitics is "It was the Jews!"

There are bourgeois men and women with more power in their index finger than this particular rich Jewish family. No Rothschild ever started an Eastern European colour revolution. No Rothschild ever fomented civil war in Iraq. Reality is far more clear cut than pathological ethnic bigotry.

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