Friday, 11 December 2015


Donald trump's recent old school fascistic comments against Muslims is being dealt with by the western states in the same way they manage the BNP, EDL, tea party, ukip etc: they allow them to conduct that necessary divide and rule and imperialist racist confusion role as much as possible, but reign them in once they have done this job and before these guys take too much power and potential to disrupt and destabilise society away from the monopoly of physical control and media of the state.

'Western' states have learnt very well from their experiences, they have learnt that fascism of the old school brings inter-imperialist war and civil war from which often radical socialist and communist anti imperialist forces takeover, as was the case in the First World War (October Revolution and the USSR but also a massive and commenced upsurge of the anti colonial movements) and of the Second World War (Red China, and again an even more intensified anti colonial and anti imperialist struggle overwhelmingly allied to the USSR and China). Hence, imperialism doesn't want to hand that to us again. That's why imperialism and white supremacy racism constantly refines and and makes itself sophisticated.

The fundamental ingredients of old fascism is prevalent today: the popular imperialist attacks, destruction and occupations (mass lynching, nato bombs, rape, abduction and proliferation of supremacist deaths squads are all 'Arab spring', 'rebels', fighting dictators' for westerners including the liberals and lefties and even 'radicals'), there is no opposition, and everyone indulges in the imperialist culture and is happily and jealousy guarding their imperialist given culture and standard of living.

But what is different to old fascism compared to the new fascism is that the state will not allow extremist/naked racist and imperialist forces to expand WITHIN the west, whereas this is being done in the global South. Now the state has successfully brought nearly all revolutionary opposition to heal, there is no anti imperialist opposition in the west except for some tiny pockets of partial opposition.

Why have Donald trump polarise things unnecessarily, why have him expose the logic of the system so blatantly for everyone? Why let his rhetoric push the liberals and the left towards more radicalism? Why allow trump to take away the monopoly of the 'imperialist message' from the ruling classes? Why allow trump to embarrass and alienate the junior-to-imperialism deaths squad states such as KSA, Turkey, Qatar, Pakistan? The western state won't allow for these things to happen.

HOWEVER, as the global imperialist crisis continues to develop, it's becoming harder for the western states to control the message and control people, but there is no popular serious movement in the west against the state. Nowhere. There is a growing right wing and far right oppositional movement, but for the large part this is easily controlled and managed by the state.

All the while the vicious imperialist leader and lover of the death squads Hilary Clinton is rubbing her hands in anticipation of taking over as politician head of the USA.

The fact is that as the global imperialist order teeters and slowly is losing out to the 'emerging' (lol, we haven't emerged!) global south, it is losing control more, but only a revolutionary oriented socialist-oriented anti imperialist force can turn it over, as history shows. For the time being, this force is absent and nowhere to be seen, and it's not even being worked on. But through things like the Black n Brown liberation movements in the USA, the SNP and Scot independence project, the Basques are the actually existing tiny green shoots of what we can work on to develop this force.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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