Thursday, 10 December 2015


The city of Sirte under the black power pan Africanist socialist government of the Libyan Jamahriya was the HQ of the newly reinvigorated African Union. The city was a modern and beautifully designed place of residence. Since the nato and allied death squad destruction it has been taken over and defiled by the supremacist deaths squad known as 'Isis'. There are now beheadings and crucifixions there. This is the revenge of the imperialists and their proxies against what Gaddafi and the Libyans did for African people.

The same thing is happening across Africa as a direct result of the destruction of Libya: the deatabilisation of Libya and tr proliferation of weapons via the colonial death squads is causing havoc in Chad, Nigeria, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Niger, Somalia and many other countries. This is also a strategic way for the 'west' to ensure African people and countries are not stable and therefore unable to unify and advance their people and to ally with other global forces and countie and blocs, especially China but also Brazil, India and others to delink from imperialism and re link with the global South. Just in recent months Algeria's main global trading partner for example, is now China which had replaced its former colonisers of France, an important and historic development for Algeria which the french will be looking to divide and ruin.

Africa must unite and advance to liberation!

One regions and global south continent's liberation is intertwined and interdependent with other global south countries and continents!

Unite or perish is the message that we cherish!

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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