Thursday, 3 December 2015


Let's just remember that it was Corbyn's closest comrade in the shadow cabinet - Diane Abbott - who said exactly what is the reality and what I have been saying: Corbyn handed Cameron the bombing of Syria on a platter, and without any real fight whatsoever. 'Corbyn is such a nice guy with such great principles', I hear some say. Well, your boy did nothing for us in comparison to delivering this imperialist crime against our (Syrian) independence. Judge those by their actions, and damn! Did the fool deliver a great crime against Humanity!

It's as if some slick 'intelligent' 'nice' white middle class guy befriended you and your family, and waffled for years about how he really cares for you and your family, and you invited him many times into your family home to eat your food with him, you trusted him SO MUCH that you gave him the family home keys thinking he would help your family cat when you are away, that he might water your plants etc. But he handed the key the the arsonists and burglars the keys to your home while telling you he really didn't mean to: and your family home burns down and all your treasured family possessions are gone. 'BUT HE SPEAKS SO WELL!' Lol

Don't be foolish, Stay vigilant. Defend ours with unswerving clarity and loyalty.

Black n Brown Power, anti-imperialism, and just defending the world from the crimes of imperialism means you single-mindedly fight imperialism and colonialism and defend the people impacted by that in the Homelands, and one does this without being swayed, corrupted by westerners and their political culture. In this regard, it is sad how many people of colour, even people from the region itself are willing to give Corbyn and his camp a pass considering he is the one who was the fundamental ingredient in facilitating this war crime.

I have seen how Black n Brown people in places like belgium and this shit hole country become unwittingly sometimes consciously more concerned about the sensitivities of colonial peoples, be they 'lefties' or liberals etc, OVER AND ABOVE the fact that these might support war and destruction of our Homelands.

You know, the slick, 'intelligent', apparently blundering english gentleman of the Corbyn, Blair, Boris seems to be extremely alluring and seductive whereby people will throw to the nato fire our own leaderships and countries who have achieved massive liberation, but those who contribute to the destruction of our Homelands we seem to be comparably MUCH more loyal to. I listen to bbc world service everyday, I watch and study al-jazeero and bbc everyday, ie., I engage on a high volume of the most slick british colonial propaganda around: I study and see their devilish tricks through media manipulation and I use it to keep my revolutionary vigilant mind as sharp as I can.

Black Power / anti-imperialism keeps you on the straight and narrow IF you study it and its histories and ideologies and realities and stay loyal to that. We owe the westerners NOTHING AT ALL, they owe us EVERYTHING and much more through their crimes historically, currently and on-goingly against us.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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