Thursday, 10 December 2015


Iraq was bombed in 1990/1991, no Iraqi Baathist attacked the USA or UK. In 1999 Serbia was attacked, no Serbian attacked USA, UK or nato countries. In 2001 Afghanistan was bombed, invaded and occupied. No Taliban even attacked the USA or UK. Iraq was bombed, invaded and occupied in 2003, no Iraqi Baathist attacked the USA or UK. In 2011 Libya was bombed and destroyed, no one of the Jamahriya attacked the USA, UK or France. Since 2011 Syria has been attacked in an imperialist project, no Syrian Baathist or nationalist has attacked the USA, UK or France.

In EVERY single terrorist attack in the UK, USA and France in the modern era it has been 1, people with this supremacist wacko bonkers brigade ideology which is promoted by the USA and UK through their allies in Saudi Arabia especially and also other gulf monarchies, and 2, nearly every attack has been conducted by people being watched and monitored VERY closely by the intelligence services.

Britain bombing and invading DOES NOT inspire some twisted defence or/and reaction to 'foreign policy', to say so is actually exactly what 'Isis' and other 'AlQaeda' supremacist idiots say. Like the relationship between the brits and the Saudis, this terrorism is simply the overt and covert unity between the states of USA, UK and France and their death squad proxy forces. That these proxy forces are used and abused at will and sometimes get slapped about does not change this.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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