Saturday, 19 December 2015


Malcolm X Movement

The UK government are closing the last deep coal mine which is in Kellingley, Yorkshire, this is a forced end to the traditions and legacies of the most radical section of working class and socialist struggle in this country. The Miners struggle produced some amazing radical socialists who stood with the global struggle against imperialism like Arthur Horner, Robert Page Arnot, Mick Mcgahey and Arthur Scargill.

It is the imperialists and capitalists running the UK state and government have done this to the miners for generations, including the Labor government in 1911 that put the army and its guns at pit heads against the militant miners. It was the UK government and the sell outs in the Labour Party that sold out the miners strike in the heroic Miners Strike in 1984-85.

The defeat of the mining communities saw alcoholism, unemployment and drug addiction impact and devastate the once proud and united mining villages and towns.

It has been the ruling classes of the UK state that has continued to oppress and immiserate the white working class, however too many white workers instead attack any group with no power such as Black, Asian and immigrant people instead of those who are responsible for putting them into misery and who put the people of the non west into war and collapse.

The Malcolm X Movement believes in maximum unity against imperialism and racism, at the same time we are not going to advocate that Black and Asian workers wait for the White working class to get over their colonial and racist prejudices, we must continue to defend our peoples here and especially those attacked in such massive and traumatic ways by the UK state in our Homelands. Along the path of this struggle we seek to ally with all forces who believe in unity and mutual respect in the anti imperialist struggle.

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