Thursday, 3 December 2015


Children, childbirth and mothers and ancestors in an intergenerational framework of colonialism and liberation: Those of us who were born in or whose families are from the GlobalSouth (I personally am from North India) know from our grandparents generation that tragically their generation saw mothers and children die in childbirth, so much so that many of us know children who died in childbirth of that generation as our parents and grandparents tell us of the siblings they lost, and much more rare are the mothers who also died in childbirth.

While there is much advance in science and care in relation to childbirth since those times, these issues cannot be separated from the considerable adverse impact of colonialism on this. Colonialism plunged our peoples into massive poverty through massive imperialist manufactured famines that killed millions and brought about famine related health collapse.

Since we threw out colonialism from the GlobalSouth we have made massive gains in terms of population growth rather than contraction under colonialism, and improved child mortality and mother mortality rates, whichever course there is great unevenness of improvements country by country and social system by social system (of course a strong socialist orientation is THE key for improved health and liberation for our masses).

Despite the challenges and unevenness the fact is that things are nearly all in a direction of improvement, and I would contend we should all politically and practically celebrate our advances and achievements. Lots still to do, especially in India which is lagging far behind other GlobalSouth countries. But at the same time see the historical trajectory out of colonial genocide and its impact on our people especially mothers, pregnant women and new borns.

To give life is to struggle for total independence and socialism from imperialism. Love and protect your woman and make babies and defend and celebrate your families and united families and communities! Resist and counter the anti-family, anti-baby/children nature of the western/westernised left. "our revenge will be the laughter of our children" - Bobby Sands

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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