Monday, 16 November 2015


There were quite a few non-white Black and Brown people killed in the ‪#‎ParisAttacks‬, so the ‪#‎OnlyWhiteLiveMatters‬ has to be a bit more problematised; as I have been arguing for a while we need to understand that within the 'West;, ie., within the imperialist lands the system of coloniality and imperialism invites IN Black n Brown people and, while they are still considered lower human beings WITHIN the west by the system (and the masses here, as this is internalised), these Black n Brown people are CLOSER in political terms to western whites than they are to NON-western Black n Brown people.

So within the west, Black n Brown people are HIGHER/more SUPREME and as such join IN WITH masses of whites in their supremacy AGAINST the people of Africa, Asia and 'latin' America.

Of course, the antidote to white /- western/euro supremacy is asserting Humanity through whatever means (Black Power/anti-imperialism/third-worldism/internationalism etc), and as such the victims of the Paris attack's Humanity, be they white or not should be not be belittled as that would be another victory of this imperialist supremacy.

It's just important to understand how Black n Brown people are invited into the this colonial club and why. Black n Brown people are invited in (Obama being the most famous/infamous, but also Bobby Jindal, pictured) to elevate us over and above our peoples in the Homeland, so when the imperialists go to war against our peoples, we are basically silent and complicit (see Libya and Syria as two recent examples), and Black n Brown people are invited in to promote the system (the originally working class, Black n Brown art form of Hip-Hop for example is a veritable soundtrack now for global imperialism and imperialist culture) cos the system needs to 'Black face' in an increasingly non-western / pro Global South / multi-polar world.

IMHO these are really important issues we need to discuss and address in order to better unite with our peoples and help defeat this system of colonial and imperialist oppressions.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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