Thursday, 12 November 2015


I hope the 'ache din' (good days/time) continue to expand across the Homeland. The secular (not anti religious) and leftist forces have the Himalaya to climb yet, such are the challenges.

India a year and half ago elected a supremacist party who use and abuse Hinduism - the BJP - who, while keeping India on track on the global stage of continuing to develop BRICS, developing excellent relations with Africa, China and Russia, opposing imperialist wars and aggression against Syria and Iran etc, have on the home front been an utter anti people communalist (bigoted religious sectarian) disaster, and I wish the forces of unity of the people to totally defeat the BJP and all communalist forces wrapping themselves in and abusing whatever religion.

It is the job of the Indian people in India to conduct the struggle and the duty of everyone else especially those on the imperialist lands to defend India and all global south countries from imperialist harassment and oppression.

I seldom talk about internal problems of India or other global South countries cos our internal affairs are just that. Especially in the 'west' there is such profound ignorance and prejudice and frankly unwitting hostility to our affairs that I consider it incomparably more important for people just to research and expose to defeat imperialism across the world which is constantly and in countless ways attacking India and all global South countries.

I think if South Asian anti imperialist, decolonial and/or socialist diaspora in the west and in London etc are interested in seriously studying and being active around our internal affairs they should do so in a disciplined and organised manner. Other than that our political diaspora is so politically poor and weak that too much eurocentric nonsense seeps through and has a very messy impact on this westerners and their ignorant gorai ways, and the gorai ways also impacts plenty diaspora too.

I am here in this island of world scale imperialist and white supremacy to single mindedly fight jus that, and many others have said which I would concur with that it is the primary job of all revolutionaries across the world but especially in the west to unearth and the expose and to join in with all forms of Resistance and struggles of liberation the global South, and for this and this alone to be the central strategy. Indeed outside of the BRICS and allied formations, this is being taken up pitifully.

There is so much confusion and eurocentric essentialisation that is promoted against India and all global South countries. And western media, academia and the western left constantly interfere and promote these flawed and problematic depictions. To illuminate something that pushes back against this:

In Karnataka recently the Congress chief minister (who happens to be a Hindu) of the state said that following the supremacist lynching of a Muslim brother in Delhi after a beef eating controversy, the chief minister said he has never eaten beef before but he will eat it in solidarity with the slain Muslim brother and he will do so on the main state capital round about and let's see who can stop me. In response a few days later a BJP politician in the state said he will cut his head off if he eats meat. This BJP supremacist is facing criminal charges.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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