Saturday, 7 November 2015


Looking into why Russia has since yesterday also grounded all flights to and from Egypt: It was on last Tues that the usa and uk stated that they had intelligence that suggested that Deash brought down the metro jet plane in Sinai. Until today the yanks and brits have refused to share this intelligence with Russia and Egypt! That is quite a major snub.

Considering this, the yanks and brits have made a mafia-style threat to the Russians and Egyptians, basically stating that they very well might see more of their passenger planes being attacked over Egypt and its Sinai, that they themselves have grounded their planes. This does has been done for a number of reasons:

1, to make out the Russians and especially Egyptians are criminally negligent in this context and cannot run things properly like the good ol brits etc,

2, the fact that they are hiding the intel thus far from the Russians and Egyptians indicates that there they are being deliberately vindictive and this vindictiveness points to the reasons why they are being like this (ie., Russian intervention in Syria and the Syrian goats request, Egypt's support of that, and Egypt's strategic reorientation away from the 'west' towards Moscow),

3, to test the mettle, confidence and leadership of Putin towards his own people and his supporters in the region, at a time she Putin's approval ratings in Russia is 90% PLUS(!!),

4, to put a hanging blade over the necks of the Egyptians in terms of not being clear how long this tourist boycott is going to go on for, creating tension and apprehensiveness amongst Egyptians, and trying to sow discord between them and their political leadership,

5, and also behaving towards Egypt as some corrupt useless defunct shit hole which cannot guarantee anything for anyone especially british tourists. In this regard today the british media has put out a story that a passenger plane in Egypt in recent months allegedly 'missed' a missile from the Egyptian military in Sinai a kilometre away from it. Wether this is true or not I don't know, but its timing and the fact that it has been splashed all across the media is another wood in the british imperialist fire against Egypt right now.

One of the central things being promoted in the imperialist media on this issue right now is that this Sinai plane crash is retribution by the imperialist death squads against Russia's actions in Syria, and the imperialist press is and governments are hoping this is going to make Putin and his policies in Syria etc less popular, to quote from a associated press piece today: "A proven terror attack on a plane full of Russian tourists could be a traumatic reminder to Russians of the vulnerability they felt to terrorism connected to the wars in Chechnya" (source)

And this is part of the central message of this last weeks barrage of imperialist sniping and attacks towards Egypt and Russia: you will pay for sabotaging our imperialist death squad war in Syria.

My concerns is that this imperialist shenanigans on the Sinai plane crash may point to imperialism planning further death squad terrorist attacks in Moscow or somewhere in Russia, as this is what the imperialist press is assuming is what the Sinai alleged terrorist attack is. The imperialist press is normalising in the minds of the masses that Russia and Egypt will be victim to more terrorism and that they would deserve this terrorism.

While Russia are right to stop the flights during open threats of more death squad terrorism on their planes, a threat telegraphed to them by the usa and uk governments and media, it is highly unlikely that this will do anything but build more resolve amongst Putin, Lavrov and the Russian leadership. Where this imperialist intrigue and sniping might work to an extent is to one extent knock off balance the Egyptian leadership as they have a lot more than Russian to lose: their whole economy is under attack by imperialism in at least two fronts:

1, by the attack on their tourist industry by this possible terrorism and the moves by the british government, and

2, by the coordination between imperialism and  gulf monarchist regimes especially Saudi of giving a tiny amount of investment that they had seen in the previous year (approx $30 bn USD last year, and less than $3 bn USD this year).

Egyptian President Sisi in London and his leadership have done all that they possibly can to push back against the brits, but as long as there is no replacement, they desperately need the many tens of billions of pounds that relations with the uk bring into Egypt. That being said, Sisi and his Egyptian colleagues are having some hard and fast strategising now and will be planning with the Russians and others (China is a major partner also) as to how to get themselves through this historical crossroads. I wish them all the best and all successes in a near impossible situation. As I said before, either Egypt will think making a major compromise with the imperialists is the 'way out' of this, which is unlikely cos the imperialists keep kicking them and kicking them and they have decided that they are looking elsewhere (Russia) for strategic relations. Or either Egypt will have to make some serious bold moves to stave off further imperialist attacks, what this might be, I have no idea. But everything is in flux and movement. God deliver the Egyptian, Russia, and Syrian people all victories.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm


Egyptian Canadian said...

Love this article! It's a shame really that so many of my fellow Arab friends see Sisi as a Zionist puppet put in by the West to overthrow the "democratically elected" Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Even friends and colleagues of yours on Press TV who I normally agree with on almost everything.

You have outlined the true nature of the Muslim Brotherhood as an English creation and that they are synonymous with the savage barbarian death squads in Syria, Iraq, and Libya. Hence why Assad called them a terrorist organization in his last interview.

Sisi and the Egyptian government is far from perfect, but they are still protecting our country from the foreign and foreign-backed savage barbarians death squads that are pillaging the region. As an Egyptian Coptic Christian myself, it was either the Muslim Brotherhood radicals or Sisi, the decision was not a hard one. Furthermore, our alliance with Russia is a great change from past leaders such as Mubarak. I hope our Russian alliance becomes stronger from this, despite Western efforts to destroy it (possibly by using their terrorist proxies for an attack such as this).

In any case, thank you so much Mr. Chandan for your great insights.

Sukant Chandan said...

thanks for your comment, Egyptian Canadian.