Thursday, 5 November 2015


In an extraordinary diplomatic insult and humiliation towards Egypt, the british imperialist authorities have at exactly the same time of receiving the head of state of Egypt decided to punish Egypt by sabotaging its tourist economy by stopping flights to and from Sinai, the main tourist destination for brits. Do not underestimate how much of a direct colonial slapping for Egypt this is. The Egyptians for their part have made it clear they consider this move by the british to be totally out of order, and had today made it clear that they will not be cooperating with the british on this state trip due to these developments. I am sure there will be further diplomatic and political fall out as a result of this, I am confident that this historic insult to Egypt, after many insults that Egypt has faced recently, not least a majority of Egyptians feeling that they experienced the imposition of a sectarian and pro death squad force in the muslim brotherhood and at the time the brotherhood president of Egypt who was deposed by the biggest mass protests Egypt ever has seen.

British foreign sec phillipm hammond yesterday and today brit prime minister david cameron have shown crocodile tears towards the Egyptians when they comment that they understand how devastating their moves to stop flights will be to the livelihoods of Egyptians, this is nothing but insult to injury as they are brazenly stating that this is a taster of what Egyptians should expect from the brits and yanks if Egypt continues its policy of increasingly allying with Russia and playing a spoiler role in the imperialist death squad war against Syria. Let's for a secod look at what happens when the 'UK' is under death squad attack for a contrasting example:

In July 2005 central London suffered two bombings on the 7th and 21st by death squad forces who were closely monitored and facilitated by the british intel services. No country stopped flights to and from britain, no one even suggested that. However, in the british-french-usa led Arab Sting and wider covert and overt sponsoring of death squads in the Muslim world britain helped to unleash these death squads (through their support of them in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Iraq, Kashmir, Kosovo, Chechnya, Libya and Syria) onto Tunisia, and then they have destroyed the Tunisian economy and livelihood of its people by stopping all tourist flights to and from there after the recent death squads attack in Sousse. The brits have employed a similar approach now to Egypt, having stopped all flights to and from Sharm el Shaikh.

Tunisia is a tiny country with minimal gas deposits and relies heavily, nay nearly entirely on its tourist industry. Unfortunately and although Tunisia has in some smaller ways pushed against the imperialist death squad project (most notably by rejecting the 'Ennhada' british agents, see here and here and by opening some diplomatic relations with the Syrian govt) because it is tiny and in a precarious position in a lot of ways it has regrettably not developed its strategic distancing from imperialism, especially french imperialism, and instead developed relations in a Global South direction.

Egypt is a totally different country, it holds a leading strategic position in relation to the regions relations with the colonial settler state of 'israel', it is managing imperialism and the region's relations with this entity, it is a major army, the biggest in the Arab world and also the biggest population, it has developed confident but imperialist-ire-inducing relations with Putin in the recent few years, it has helped Syria by stopping the 'muslim brotherhood' and other death squad forces in helping to destroy Syria. Also recent gas discoveries in Egypt possibly point to Egypt becoming a major energy producing power in the foreseeable future which factors into all the political actors inside Egypt and in the region and also imperialists considerations in its policies towards Egypt.

Egypt and Russia have both expressed a totally different account thus far as to what happened to the Russian passenger plane crash, the Egyptians and Russians have not made public their own findings as to the crash. In an open move of humiliation against Egypt and Russia, the brits and yankee intel services passed onto their political leadership claims made public that Daesh have done a terrorist hit on the plane. Russia and Egypt have rightly publicly decried that this is against protocol which would otherwise inform the brits and yanks to confidentially pass on whatever intel the brits and yanks have to their Russian and Egyptian counterparts. Just like the Syrian govt invited Russian airstrikes in Syria, the yanks, brits and french have refused to share intelligence with the Russians against the death squads, and similarly they are playing death squad games now against Egypt and Russia in relation to the Sinai plane crash.

Make no mistake, relations between Egypt-Russia and imperialism is in flux, it is changing rapidly, and similarly to Ukraine imperialism is just very unhappy that Egypt wants a balanced relation between 'east' and 'west', imperialism wants Egypt to either follow imperialism diktat or be destroyed a la Libya and Syria. However, Sisi and Putin are no pushover, and despite the contradictions and desire to have a more middle of the road political existence, my guess is that Egypt is being pushed rather swiftly in historical terms away from imperialist and its death squad project in the region and into the arms of the Russian/Chinese/Syrian/Iranian/Hizbullah led axis. There is just nowhere else for Egypt to turn to.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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