Friday, 6 November 2015


For all Corbyn and his camp's complaints about media attacks on him, Corbyn has an uncanny ability to supply the same imperialist media with material to use against Scotland, China and now Egypt

First China now against Egypt, Jeremy Corbyn plays the leading left english colonialist once again: I discussed Corbyn's leading role in promoting imperialist prejudices and racism against Chinese people at the time of the state visit of the Chinese president Xi Jinping (see here). Unfortunately Corbyn has now decided to do a similar arrogant colonial posture against Egypt's president's visit to London.

No doubt my criticisms will irk those who have thrown their lot in with this Corbyn left colonial hype, but these criticisms have to made as the english left will only move forward once it has broken with its profound connections to imperialism and racism as it is manifested in the form of the 'left' and the labour party or the 'centre' or the 'right'. The defeat of the colonial consensus that exists in england as it does in many parts of the 'west' must be undertaken and the left imperialist corruption in the form of silence due to supporting Corbyn must be critiqued. Corbyn is not my deity, and loyalty to the Global South is the only course to developing a decolonial anti-imperialist liberation movement within the west and of course in the world.

Corbyn has said of the Egyptian President's visit: ““David Cameron’s invitation to Britain today of the Egyptian president and coup leader Abdel Fatah al-Sisi shows contempt for human and democratic rights and threatens, rather than protects, Britain’s national security. … Support for dictatorial regimes in the Middle East has been a key factor fuelling the spread of terrorism. Rather than rolling out the red carpet to President Sisi, the Prime Minister should suspend arms exports to Egypt until democratic and civil rights are restored.”" (source)

Like with his repugnant rantings on China, Corbyn has used imperialist human rights scam on Egypt. His comments are being used non-stop by imperialist media to kick Egypt and its people and leadership at a time when Egypt is under the imperialist death squad kosh. I have gone into the nature of british imperialisms humiliation and oppression of Egypt in these two articles in recent days here and here.

At a time when britain has insulted the Russians and Egyptians by shutting its flights to Egypt, wrecking the Egyptian economy, while britain coordinates with its gulf monarchist allies to economically squeeze Egypt (gulf monarchies have invested hardly 10% this year in Egypt compared to the previous year), Corbyn's comments could not have been made at a more inappropriate time for Russia and Egypt and has made them at the most opportune time for imperialism and for the tory government. Imperialist media across the globe were handed a wonderful propaganda tool when 'the leader of the opposition' makes these comments.

In deconstructing Corbyn comments in this regard a clear colonial arrogance is projected. Corbyn assumes that somehow britain is sullied by inviting the Arab worlds most important country to the 'uk'. That somehow britain is a global definer of who is worthy and unworthy of relations. It is important to keep in mind that Corbyn is assuming that the tory government is a upholder and global standard bearer of human rights and democracy, and as such has defamed its own great global standing!

Corbyn like most of the western/westernised left soft peddles for death squad forces in the Muslim world, on the one hand he patronises pro PKK communities in london, and on the other hand he also patronises imperialist death squad forces who are directly raping and massacring Kurds in Syria and Turkey with his support for the muslim brotherhood and also supremacist death squad factions like Moazzam Begg and Cage. Directly in this regard his comments that inviting President Sisi to the uk endangers the national security of the uk is a comment that could be taken from a Daesh / Jabhat Nusra propaganda statement.

The threatening of the national security of this island and in the region is actually primarily the work of the usa and uk's leading overt and covert wars and collusion with and promotion of death squads throughout the region, Egypt has actually pulled back itself from the fate of places like Libya and Syria by pushing back against the generations long agents of usa and british colonialism and imperialism the muslim brotherhood and its allied death squads. There is a coalition of pro-imperialist liberals and those using and abusing Islam and 'Islamism' who can hardly hide their glee at the imperialist death squad war that has impacted Egypt especially in the Sinai region. One can be quietly confident that Corbyn has some idea of british collision with these death squads, but stating so openly means h would come into conflict with one of the most important covert operations of the state, and also his own opportunism which is shared by most of the western left informs him to keep close to the political forces of the muslim brotherhood and other such factions. His comments and actions is just the normalised state of affairs of the western left.

Those supporting Corbyn should be encouraged to speak out about his colonial arrogance and the service he is giving british imperialism and imperialist media and policies. There is too much of a deafening silence from people who are usually quite sharp on anti-imperialist matters but their support for Corbyn has silenced their critical faculties. First on Scotland, then China, and now Egypt: Corbyn is playing the perfect left colonial leader in the footsteps of all those colonial labour party leaders before him. Corbyn and any activist's role in the west should be opposing western imperialism's oppression of Global South countries, not partaking and leading in the kicking of these countries and peoples when they are under enormous and growing imperialist pressure. Corbyn has only an imperialist given right to pass judgement in the way he has on a situation which calls for people like him to desist from speaking in such an unhelpful manner.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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Anonymous said...

Colonial Corbyn embodies the Brutish Imperialist Left in all its morally self-righteousness delusion.

Since when does "Great" Britain have any moral legitimacy to point its finger at any country?

The Middle East has been turned into a sectarian cauldron of Islamicism and war thanks to Britain, America, and other Western Imperial "democracies," who are guilty of crimes against humanity like the aggression against Iraq and the fake War on Terrorism.

Britain bleats about "human rights" and "democracy" even as its own hands are drenched in the blood of millions of people that is has murdered around the planet.