Tuesday, 10 November 2015


Makhan Singh and Kenyatta embrace each other, leading Kenyan revolutionaries 
who fought for Kenya's independence from britain

Remembrance Sunday, remembering our heroes of our wars of liberation against colonialism: While it's an act of white racist imperialism to airbrush black and Asian people out of fighting for the imperialists in the first and Second World War, it's an insult to our anti-colonial masses, martyrs and ancestors to somehow positively 'celebrate' their mercenary role for the enemy.

The Second World War is a bit different cos colonial peoples, especially across Asia (especially Indian, Vietnamese, Malay, Korean and Chinese peoples) were fighting the fascist forces and occupation, but it still needs to be said loud and clear that we are not asserting our humanity by trying to prove how much we fought, killed for and died for those who devastated our homelands for centuries.

I sympathise with our people who were bribed and manipulated in joining the enemy armies, however surely we must elevate and celebrate and popularise our heroes and martyrs of our wars of liberation over and above those who fought for the greatest purveyors of violence and genocide.

This is all directly connected to how imperialism today is projecting itself through the recruitment of and collaboration by Black and Asian people fronting imperialism, it's sad and tragic that people want a black person to play perhaps the most racist, militarist and raping character in the 'entertainment industry' ie., James Bond! James Bond needs to be killed asap as does the system the system that he serves by our Black and Asian allied liberation forces and struggles.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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