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Undivided India's greatest martyr, the nationalist, anarchist and communist Shaheed Bhagat Singh
in jail by the brits in 1930, executed at the age of 23years old. An amazing revolutionary genius and primary revolutionary figure

RE: So-called ‪#‎SikhLivesMatter‬ and the Khalistanis

Sukant Chandan,
Sons of Malcolm
27Oct 2015

This movement of political forces using and abusing Sikhism are broadly called 'Khalistanis', a supremacist religious sectarian movement which has direct parallels with either colonial supremacist movements such as Zionism and and the 'Muslim brotherhood' and other more sectarian supremacist forces in the Muslim world. All three movements have internalised colonial frameworks of sectarian division and project them as political projects.

Punjabi Sikhs are NOT oppressed as Sikhs in India, although like other supremacist sectarian forces the Khalistanis use the religious nature of the masses to construct a false notion of oppression borne of their provocative actions which results in over handed repression by the Indian state which these supremacist forces disingenuously use to further promote their sectarian project.

Punjab in India has many problems as the rest of India, but it is one of the most relatively affluent States, Sikhs are very confident across India and there is no mass problem of prejudice and state discrimination against them. Against a tiny group of sectarian political forces, yes, but not against the community at large. They are a tiny force in Punjab itself, but their base of support and financing is mostly in england.

Jagmohan Joshi, leader of the mass based Indian Workers Association (GB) and editor of Lalkar

'Khalistan' is a project for a 'pure' Sikh state in Punjab. It's growth is complex but it's modern growth is on the basis of sectarian diaspora support from communities in the 'west' especially England, the British state was very happy to at least turn a blind eye and facilitate their rise here as the socialist anti imperialist Sikh community here was massive and part of the backbone of the actual socialist, working class and militant anti imperialist movement. Just two examples of such people and organisations were Jagmohan Joshi, a leader of the Indian Workers Association (GB) (pictured) and Abhimanyu Manchanda (pictured), both were important radical anti-imperialist, socialist and working class leaders in this country. It takes little political nouse to understand that the British state would prefer to have sectarian divisive forces that makes no dent in the divide and rule and business of oppression and exploitation of the British state domestically and globally.

The last 20 years has seen this militant socialist anti imperialist Sikh community defeated and now the sectarian supremacist forces have hegemony in Sikh diaspora in the 'west'. Direct parallels with sectarian supremacist forces in the Muslim community.

Like the last 25years of the Muslim community seeing the state sponsored hegemony handed over to pro gulf monarchist and sectarian forces. Just as some sections of Muslims have been saying for decades that this supremacist sectarianism is a reaction to oppression, similarly we now have many South Asian and Indian lefties giving ground to three supremacist 'Sikh' forces due to 1, having given up and being defeated in trying to organise theses communities, 2, being too afraid to push back against these sectarian thugs, and 3, trying to spin their failures and cowardice as making out these are somehow some legitimate response to repression.

In India due to the Indian state's repression and interaction with these forces were at times very unhelpful and counter productive, however let's not forget that this movement was a brazen murderous one with such acts such as stopping buses dividing Sikhs from non- Sikhs and killing all the non Sikhs. They were and remain a highly violently divisive force.

Today their actions include sectarianising and essentialising the Sikh religion into a sectarian one, and forces in this movement have been literally sabotaging mixed marriages (whereby mostly Sikh women are marrying non-Sikhs) in Sikh temples ('Gurdwaras') through straight forward thuggish and bullying tactics. Can you imagine?! Dozens of thugs sabotaging marriage ceremonies! The Gurdwaras need to be pressured to protect wedding ceremonies and families, but the Gurdwaras are increasingly giving ground to these sectarian forces, which unfairly puts the onus on families of the people getting married to protect their ceremonies.

Like supremacism in all communities, this problem has two basic sides to it: 1, the political situation in Indian Punjab - for a few decades the peoples forces against this sectarianism has been subsiding, and 2, For a few decades South Asian / Indian and Punjabi pro-people and unity forces have been subsiding to now a negligible state. These sectarian forces will only be defeated when the struggle in India sees a definitive push to defeat these forces in ALL communities of faith, and similarly in England. In England, there is no sign of it, it must be built however.

While we have a internally sectarian force using and abusing Hinduism in the form of Modi/BJP govt, the situation internally in India politically is much stronger than in England against all these sectarian supremacist forces. Unlike in England there are mass based pro peoples, pro unity, nationalist, socialist and communist forces and a healthy intelligentsia allied to these forces.

In England we need a new generation of South Asian Workers and Students United struggle needs developing in England. Are South Asian youth and workers ready to take this task on, or will we continue to give ground to sectarian supremacist forces?

The spirit, ideologies, legacy and path of Shaheed Bhagat Singh and Shaheed Udham Singh of uniting our peoples for our collective rights must inform a new age of our struggle.

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