Friday, 25 September 2015


The west has lost every single approach and propaganda posture on Syria. Every single one

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm

Been reflecting on ‪#‎Syria‬ for a while now, some observations and analysis on what is a near total change of tune from the enemy!

First and foremostly, massive respect and honour needs to be imparted to the Syrian government, army, people, and allied forces in standing up to this imperialist death squad horror story for over 4 years now: this Resistance has kept aloft the whole global struggle against imperialism, and as such a massive debt of honour should be given to the Syrian people and their allies, especially Iran, Hizbullah, Russia, Socialist Korea/DPRK, and China as well as many other countries across the global south who have pushed back at the enemy in support of Syria.

The imperialists seem to be changing their tune in recent weeks, and keep talking about engaging with the Syrian government to eradicate terrorism etc. While vigilance should always be employed, and military readiness needs to be developed no matter what. However, there are certain things that have taken place that has led to this shift of atmosphere music and apparent policy:

- While divide and ruin, ie., the total destruction of our Homelands lest they have a functional relationship with the non-western world, is still a clear policy of the 'west', there are certain difficult to control consequences of such:

- Gaddafi warned back in early 2011 that if Libya was destroyed 'europe would turn Black', and the destruction of Libya and the partial defacto partition and destruction of Syria has indeed led directly to a mass exodus of people from Africa and Asia to europe. While europe definitely benefits from this despite its racist anti-immigrant/refugee posture especially around its own demographic and related crises, nevertheless this mass migration has led to masses of european people blaming western govts for not dealing with this more competently. Much of this criticism from western masses includes in great deal a white supremacist racist under/overtone along the lines of: 'you MUST stop these dirty Black n Brown hordes swarming into our pure and superior european sphere!!'

This has put the western governments on the spot, and they have to 'do something'. 'Doing something' by western govts and their masses usually means destroying our Homelands, but if they continue to do more of that our peoples will come in even greater numbers to europe!

- The west's own death squads (which the mass sections of pro Ikhwan and pro qaeda/isis Muslim orgs and leftist and liberal orgs have been championing and still are in a lot of cases) have failed to do the job in Syria, and it has been increasingly exposed the collusion with these death squads by western states. While these death squads are continuing to be used and proliferated, their strategic value has been check mated in Syria, and also in Russia, Central Asia and China, and also to a considerable extent in many other countries including Egypt, Tunisia, and even Libya has seen a push back against them. Those who boast of eating human organs on camera, commit sexual enslaving of girls and women, try to wipe out those they consider outside their supremacist opinions of themselves, and other depravities are not the best advertisements of western styled 'regime change' and 'exporting human rights and democracy', and the sum total of billions spent on a force that the west can proudly trumpet literally sums up in about 4 fighters! LOL Such is the ability for learning for the depraved death squad recruits to fight in the exact way the west would like them to.

The west has lost every single approach and propaganda posture on Syria. Every single one.

- Russia once again has played the geopolitical physical force game brilliantly: just as they have seen the west squirming in their seats increasingly, losing the message on the migration issue, Russia steps up noises about increased military assistance to the Syrian govt against the death squads which has sent the enemy into a frenzy of troubled and terrified anxieties! lol Putin's visit to the colonial white settler state ('israel') was a brilliant move showing the enemy that they cannot rely on what they consider their own attack dog in the region. Putin's visit to tel aviv sent the message clearly that 'israel' will not join in with the west while Russia has stepped up a gear with their partners in Syria to push forward to clean up operation against these supremacist death squad scumbags. Everytime Russia stands up a little to the west this last decade, the west run around like crazy begging for a compromise with the Putin/Russia. All the more good for Humanity!

My guess is that the Syrians and partners along with the Russians will mercilessly now clean up increasingly in Syria and that will be the basis of any negotiation process that will keep and strengthen the Syrian govt with some reforms.

The next steps, and there has been a lot of noise but little real show of purpose thus far, is a big strategic alliance led by Russia, China and Iran as much as possible, in the 'Muslim world' to start stabilising our Homelands which means utterly and historically defeating the west's death squads. In this regard, Putin opening up the biggest Mosque in 'europe' (is Russia europe?? that's another impotent debate!) is a clever move to help shift the centre of Muslim and Islamic leadership OUT of the pockets of the junior death squad leadership in the region (ie., gulf monarchies) and into the orbit of forces who can actually open up the conceptual space for and into the orbit of a decolonial and anti-imperialist Muslim and Islamic leadership.

I am sure I got some things not quite right, and missed out some other things, but thats my considered thoughts.

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