Friday, 11 September 2015

WHY 911?

[pictured: John Mccain and other leading USA politicians with Hakim Belhaj, leader of Daesh and 'Libyan Islamic Fighting Group' death squad in Libya]

Why #911? In the late 1990s imperialism was in increasing crisis as the global South made global moves against the previous decade of massive historic defeats as a result of the end of the back bone of the global anti imperialist struggle which was the socialist Eastern Bloc:

By the end of the 1990s Hugo Chavez becomes Venezuelan leader opening up the whole region to unity and defiance of empire, facilitated by Chinese money and Russian support.

In the same period China becomes increasingly confident so in 1999 the yanks bomb their embassy in Belgrade as a warning. The Chinese did not bow, but proceeded ahead with people-centred development and supporting anti imperialist countries the world over.

In the same period Russia turned to Putin's leadership which cleaned up the previous drunken decade of Yeltsin which facilitated the looting of the previous socialist system. Putin's leadership was the nationalist section of the old KGB and Soviet army taking back political control.

In the same period Chavez was getting Saddam's Iraq and Iran to chill and unite, this was making some headway.

In 1999 Libya's Gaddafi launched the African Union, developing Pan Africanist unity with a radical pro global South leadership.

Considering all this the yanks and brits with their old friends who they financed and trained for decades especially in Afghanistan actioned their mercenaries for a massive incident to then declare a 'full spectrum' 'shock and awe' project of war to push back all the above, that massive incident was '911'.

the result generally back fired, on all the previous levels we have generally seen strategic victories and anti imperialist capacity building. Where we have seen backward steps is in the Middle East, North African region.
A decade after 911 the west now openly teamed up and destroyed Libya, Tunisia, and is trying to destroy Egypt, Syria, Yemen etc. The people and govts of MENA should unite and defeat the imperialist project, much planning and talk of that but we still have yet to see a serious united push back.

Chavez and Gaddafi: we don't know what we have until it's gone. We remain loyal and steadfast.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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