Tuesday, 22 September 2015


Things fall apart in 21st century 'UK'

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm

Politics seems to be surreal as ever. While Jeremy Corbyn's camp were being pummelled on the ropes, beaten into brit state-friendly shape, they were indirectly (?) handed a big respite from an unlikely quarter: senior tory Lord Ashcroft, whose new book's revelations about the sordid and depraved initiation ceremony in relation to david cameron's time at oxford uni has left the british prime minister deeply humiliated on the world stage and as such he is on a countdown to being out of his job.

The crises impacting the 'uk' state keeps growing it seems: hardly a day goes by without the mainstream press running stories about the uk elite organised child abuse and sex abuse crimes. There is no movement to pressure the state and the press to report these things, so why are they being reported? Is it a case of the criminals being finally under some sort of spotlight and the criminals falling out with each other due to finger pointing and running scared? Why did william hague disappear from the political leadership of the tory govt? He was deeply implicated in the sex abuse at westminster, and allegations he himself was sexually abused.

All the while there is the fall out from the british-led wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Iraq again, Afghanistan again and more recently Libya and Syria: while imperialism benefits in many ways from these wars it has shown itself to be incompetent and criminally culpable for the mass exodus of people from North Africa and West Asia coming into europe, its a colossal mess of a situation. They have destroyed and defacto partitioned Iraq, Libya and Syria, but they have not destroyed and defeated the Syrian govt, the Russians have always been in Syria militarily, but it seems the Russians are employing a little more pressure on the west, and the west time and time again seemed terrified of the Russian bear (be it in Georgia 2007, Ukraine of late, defeating the open imperialist war on Syria recently etc). The british govt looks like a bunch of irresponsible criminals, and at least as totally incompetent by most people in britain and across europe and the world.

All the while the tory govt and Osborne is stating, in open defiance of the yanks attacking his govt on this issue, that he wants the uk to be China's best friend in the 'western' world, and seals the deal that will see China construct new nuclear power plants in this country. There is no doubt that certain ruling sections of the british state will be rather alarmed at what they might see as very short-termist approaches in relation to China by those who are administering this ancient colonial state. All the while, Corbyn gave a nod of approval to the anti-Chinese section of the uk state by mentioning China only once this last week, at his speech at the TUC where he attacked China for its trade union situation (which is actually very good, and much better than this country!) and did so in a really low and disgusting manner by attacking trade unions in relation to the terrible Tianjin disaster.

All the while the Scots are increasingly defeating and out-maneuvering the british state, and to quote Scottish National Party (SNP) leader Nicola Sturgeon the 'british govt is living on borrowed time', a blatant and bold threat of another referendum on independence. This is another major humiliating factor for the british state, a whole chunk of 'your' colonised people want out!

Then comes along the noisy but non-capacity holding Corbyn and his camp to the leadership of the party of 'her majesty's opposition'. Because Corbyn and his camp are 'up the river with no paddle' he has been beaten and will continue to be beaten into shape. I am NOT saying that Corbyn has been put into his place by the state, but the state could have of course ensured that he failed in his endeavour, perhaps they could not risk looking utterly and openly dictatorial so had to let him ride to the leadership of the labour party? Nevertheless, Corbyn has given the british state its biggest most functional chance of 'saving' the british state in at attempt at prying the Scots away from the growing pro independence direction and back into the colonial union through attracting back to the colonial unionist labour party. Maybe if Corbyn can be beaten into shape as an even less 'red' than ed miliband he could be given a chance in the next general election, indications are imho that Corbyn won't last six months or maximum a year, but let's see.

Lots of very interesting things are developing which is corroding the stability and unity of this, the oldest colonial state in the world. It's literally falling apart and cannot keep 'on message'. It's a tragic shame that African and Asian heritage communities and diaspora are playing no strategically anti-imperialist and socialist-oriented role in these massive opportunities that are before us, rather they are passive onlookers or co-opted into the mainstream, although Black and esp Asian communities in Scotland tend to be for the SNP and independence, which is a good sign and its in Scotland MUCH MORE than in London actually that a Black/Asian radical opening and movement could be forged, but there is no opening or potential of that and supporting the SNP and independence is a good enough radical position to be in.

This multifaceted crisis impacting this state will continue to grow, and there will be and are very very few voices who can attempt at weaving these elements together.

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