Tuesday, 29 September 2015


An often asserted attack on Scottish Independence is that the some Scots were involved in the british colonial project, and thus their claim to independence is not legitimate.

Some people of the Indian subcontinent also played into empire (albeit not to the extent of the people on this island), fought for it, and enjoyed some benefits from it, some of us were promoted into strategic divide and rule privileged positions in East Africa, does that mean people of the subcontinent should not have fought for independence? Of course we should, and we did.

One has to 'work through' these contradictions to a higher ground of conceptual and actual struggle, and this is what the Scots under the leadership of the SNP is delivering. The SNP and the state of play historically at this moment for Scottish independence still has colonial hangovers, there is no pure strategy of delinking from imperialist economy and many other contradictions, however, the importance  for the global struggle against neocolonialism is that the Scottish people not only are seeking to historically and irreversibly break british imperialism from the 'inside', but that this process opens them and in relation the whole people of these islands and beyond to new radical anti-imperialist thinking.

The other obvious point to make is this:

The elites of the Irish and some lower classes from that were also bought into british colonialism, but we don't say that they should never have fought or should fight for independence.

And the other very obvious point is that the english working class historically AND STILL currently ideologically and materially buy into imperialism, but we all advocate that they should overthrow british imperialism.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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