Tuesday, 8 September 2015


British prime minister cameron has announced yesterday in parliament that the british govt illegally conducted an assassination against two british members of the death squads, these two recruits Reyaad Khan and Ruhul Amin of the death squads were facilitated by the british state like many many hundreds of others from britain to send to Syria in a strategy which in part aims to send young mercenaries of the brits and their allies to destroy Syria, conduct sexual assaults and enslaving, looting, mutilation and general death squad terror. These recruits are, like british army soldiers, expendable, and such have been killed by their covert masters of the british state.

Cameron announced this in parliament yesterday when talking about the 'refugee crisis', and he did so while putting on the same level the Syrian govt and the death squad 'Isis'. This is to develop the consciousness of the people, including most of the left who hold the same view! including our own lovely Jeremy Corbyn, and including those organising this Saturday's apparent pro-refugee protest called 'Refugees Welcome Here - National Day Of Action', they are in total political agreement with the british state that the Syrian govt needs to be destroyed and turned into another 'Libya, 'Somalia' etc. They seem to not understand / not want to understand / or just arrogantly don't care that the 'refugee crisis' is directly created by the wars and death squad destabilisation of destroying these countries and govts, while the only mobilisation that holds imperialism responsible for the death squads and destabilisation in Libya, Syria etc is the protest this Sunday: DEFEND & WELCOME OUR PEOPLE INTO EUROPE! OPPOSE RACISM & IMPERIALIST WAR!

The british govt also want to put into the minds of the people that refugee = Muslim = terrorist, and as such there might be a brit/french facilitated terrorist action (like 7/7 was and pretty much every terrorist attack and attempt, all of which are overseen and facilitated by the intel services) which they will blame on the arrival of refugees to further bolster racialised divisions amongst the peoples.
Fascism is here. Even this supposed pro refugee protest is actually in fundamental agreement with the british state! They both pro actively are involved in and want to destroy the Syrian govt, just like the previous Libyan govt. Its like a protest during nazi germany whereby the protestors agreed with the nazi foreign policy! What a surreal and maddening situation.

this is 21st nazism/fascism we are faced with. Its much more sophisticated than the old one, but in content its the same:

- total hatred for people outside the zone of imperialist defined humans

- total support for wars of invasion, occupation and destruction

- total consensus with the imperialist state and militaries in considering attacked countries and govts

- total criminalisation towards Resistance

- total silence for their mass comp licitness for the death squads, spinning death squads as 'liberators' and 'rebels', (remember how the fascist hordes allied to the nazis were called the same across europe, east europe etc?)

- an extremely hostile attitude towards anyone in pro Resistance saying anything within the heart of the fascist lands

The banality of evil and fascism, 21st century style.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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