Thursday, 17 September 2015


Jeremy Corbyn​ and his first PMQs (prime ministers question time in house of commons) yesterday 

Corbyn said nice and supportive things about people in relatively increasing economic precarious situations in britain, however, this is something every labour leader and labour opposition have done in relation to tory govts and is nothing new. The problem is it was clear most Labour MPs are utterly embarrassed by and do not support Corbyn (not even a third of his own MPs cheered him as he approached the opposition leaders stand), speaker after speaker from the tories trammelled Corbyn especially on 'national security' (IRA, Russia, Socialist Korea, Syria, 'isil' etc) and there was NO come back from Corbyn or his colleagues. It was a horrible and cringe inspiring car crash to watch, with the only relief coming from the very impressive Angus Robertson MP​, a leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP)​, however Corbyn and his camp have basically refused a strategic alliance with the SNP against the tory govt, and have instead defacto aligned themselves with the tories against the SNP.

I wish this Corbyn hype had legs, it hasn't, it is terribly crippled with no hope of picking up pace: you are dealing with a very right wing general population in england (something the english left have been in denial about for a long time); with an increasingly weak left and weak trade union movement; Corbyn has to operate in a position of extreme weakness with his labour MPs and amongst the population in general; there is no extra parliamentary strategy at all; Corbyn is a very nice man who should not have been pushed into this position with no preparation, no track record of actually being able to deal with this situation. Its horribly unfair on Corbyn, those who are clapping him into a horrible and embarrassing defeat should give him respect and let him do his usual campaigning as a north London MP, and more so it's extremely unfair on all the people on this island who deserve something serious akin to the SNP and even Plaid Cymru. People in england, and all those who are victims of the british imperialist system deserve much, much better than this. But very pathetic and useless and frankly sell-out persons and forces have pushed Corbyn into this, and Corbyn is all we have for the time being. Its very, very sad. After some 20years in this game, I want to see a serious force for our peoples emerge in england not another english left hype leading to direct failure and further depression.

While there is no sign and has not been any sign of this for about 60 or so years, england needs an alternative force outside of the mainstream that needs to be built up from baby steps onwards: a pro-people, pro-oppressed, pro-Global South force; it needs to learn from Sinn Fein, Plaid Cymru and especially the SNP, it needs to present a long term economic strategy of delinking from the economic genocidal imperialist economy and develop an economic strategy that is not based on the blood and bones of our peoples from previous centuries and currently; it needs to develop a new generation of cadre that can see the long term aims and also develop a 'mass line' immediate terms grassroots organising building up local campaigns, developing getting councillors elected, developing a serious and assertive analysis and policy approach, developing a strategic partnership with China, Russia, the BRICS in general and more sympathetic Global South govts.

I know people are upset that I am not just joining in with what I have always called the delirious and delusional happy-clappy Corbyn vibe, but you have endless places for that: forgive me, but I think one should develop a healthy critical approach to this. With the spirit of the combined anti-imperialist global struggle of the brits, with the spirit of 1926 General Strike, the radical wing of the Chartists (led by Irish), with the rebel spirit of the IRA, James Connolly, John MacLean, with the spirit of Arthur Scargill and the Miners Strikes of the 1970s and 1980s, with the spirit of the new national move in Scotland and Wales, with the lessons from the great socialist and decolonial upheavals and revolutions: with all this IMMENSE material, great lessons and inspiration, can't we do better? The main reason is as long as the english left are deeply embedded in imperialism and neo-colonialism and hostile to nearly every movement against these forces, it euphorically shares in the spoils of imperialist war and destruction and the campaign of hate, lies and deceit of the british state in its on-going war against our peoples.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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