Wednesday, 2 September 2015


I like Jeremy Corbyn, we worked together on the now infamous meeting of inviting Hamas and Hizbullah to Parliament, a meeting I organised and chaired. Although since Libya he seems to have taken some distance from me. Nothing especially new there! This 'debate' last night showed how very imperialistically narrow is the space in which Corbyn is operating in and DECIDING to operate in. He caved in time and time again, he allowed himself to be bullied in the studio, a bullying reflecting the narrow system-defined space in which he is operating. He couldn't even bring himself to say Nato is an aggressive military alliance that has been encircling Russia! He conceded that Russia is the aggressor in the region!

It was obvious from his body language he was operating a neo-colonially defined self censorship. He seemed to be terrified of saying anything that rocked the imperialist consensus in the room.

He bemoaned 'Isis', but couldn't bring himself to say it might be a good idea to support the Syrian people and government fighting this terrorism. He couldn't bring himself to say that the british are leading facilitators of terrorism of the death squads in Syria and Libya.

He backed down on every half-decent position he has kind-of taken.

Will Corbyn support ANY African and/or Asian government, or is that only for 'latin' American countries?
Will he support the Iraqi, Libyan people, Syrian govt's Resistance against his govt and death squads? He hasn't to date.

Shouldn't we in a comradely spirit interrogate Corbyn a bit more rigorously?

It's good he called for a british apology to Iraq, but isn't it better to actually support our people rather than using their plight and traumas to score left-liberal points?

To break out of that narrowness he needs to ally and help develop a domestic movement that is tied to and supportive of the actually global struggle against nato etc. But if he dared do that, they would slam him down before he knows what hit him.

Let's please be realistic and not perpetuate or at least try to avoid wishful thinking.

So far, I STILL cannot see anything of use here. For SOMETHING to be of use, the mass following Corbyn has undeniably got has to break out of the "spirit of 45' colonial socialism, it HAS to ally with the actual global struggle for independence and social justice in an anti-imperialist decolonial DIRECTION at the very least. No sign of that. Quite the opposite.

I know people are hoping and praying that some kind of space conducive to our liberation struggles is opened by the Corbyn mania, but if Corbyn HIMSELF cant break out of the imperialist consensus, what message does that send to his followers, most of whom are terribly ignorant mixed with hostility to us and stand behind imperialists attacks on us time and time again?

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm


Chris said...

Hi Sukant, I love what you do, genuinely, and you've opened my eyes, directly or indirectly, to a lot of important issues.

Respectfully though, why not give him a break? Don't tell me this isn't an exciting and crucial time for the left - you know it is as much as anyone, and yet you're going to give him a hard time for not promoting the kind of agenda you KNOW he isn't going to advocate in a televised debate? He is genuinely trying to make the world a better place, and OF COURSE he doesn't have the freedom to say what he really thinks as you well know and YET you're slating him - why? Why not get behind the movement, join it, change it for the better - you're clearly an articulate, passionate and intelligent human and your ideas should be discussed. So why not? How is your current approach going to help exactly? Out of interest and in all sincerity, what are your big idea for transforming society for the better?

Sukant Chandan said...

Thanks for the comment, Chris. What did you think of his performance on Channel 4 News?

I don't think he is up to the job, despite being a nice man and all that. He also snipes and denounces the former Libyan Jamahirya and the present Syrian govt. I don't think that is acceptable. do you?

Chris said...

Hi Sukant - thanks for your response and sorry for not responding sooner.

I have to admit I'm disappointed by the toning down of the more 'radical' components of Corbyn's pre-election rhetoric e.g. floating the idea of prosecuting Blair for war crimes, and People's Quantitive Easing (aka reclaiming control of the money supply from the private banking system) but at the same time I appreciate he is seeking to create a 'progressive' movement within the context of an actively hostile, essentially right wing Parliamentary Labour Party. I'm prepared to reserve judgement for the timebeing but respect your wariness.

I would like to see a link to any articles / interviews where Corbyn actively denounces the Libyran Jamahirya and Syrian government i.e. where he is literally quoted.

I thought you made a compelling contribution to this RT debate btw , excellent work:

And that's a natty waistcoat!

Best wishes