Sunday, 20 September 2015


Update on Jeremy Corbyn​ and Co - increasingly and frantically jumping to rightwards

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm

While the English left were buoyed up by the mass leftward turn in Scotland around the SNP the independence campaign etc, they never got their heads around the symbiotic nature of class, nation, anti-imperialism as it directly informs and relates to the Scottish situation and the general and primary situation, tasks and challenges  and hence continue to be in near total denial about the rightward trajectory of the english working class which in turns informs the failed-before-its-started nature of the Corbyn hype and delusions.

HOWEVER, now Corbyn and Co are in what passes as 'leadership' of the Labour Party, they have to some extent hit the brutality of reality: they are increasingly jumping rightwards, which the william hague of the left - owen jokes - has been advocating for many many weeks anyway (for example).

Corbyn's close colleague John McDonnell​ was appointed in second position in the shadow cabinet as chancellor (finance minister), and his performance on the recent bbc question time (source) showed the problematic nature of this whole Corbyn hype: McDonnell is well known historically for his support for the Irish Republican Movement, instead of a robust and direct defence of his support on the program under the attacks of people stating on the show that 'northern ireland is as occupied by the british as is surrey', 'britain has given more to the world than taken away from it', 'political terrorism was only conducted by the IRA in Ireland' etc McDonnell made an apology "from the bottom of his heart" for saying pro IRA comments previously. It was a very obvious fake apology. This is the clear pattern of the Corbyn camp, they get under a bit of right wing pressure and totally buckle.

Furthermore on the program, McDonnell states Corbyn did not sing the national anthem at the service for the army vets cos he was 'so overwhelmed the service that he was in a daze and forgot to sing the anthem', another totally unconvincing argument!

Meanwhile, while Corbyn did not go to the opening of the rugby world cup cos he says he was dealing with his constituents weekly surgery in North London, but then pulls out of speaking at the 'Stop the War' conference which would have been his last speech as its chairman. Furthermore, Corbyn and Co have refused to oppose Nato and are increasingly in support of Trident (a direct colonial slap in the face to the Scots were the nuke subs are based).

In a recent interview with a propaganda arm of the Qatari monarchy (source), Corbyn states nothing of course of the open british collusion with death squads in the 'Muslim world', as that would put him in direct counter opposition to a central not-so-covert strategy of the british state, but did advocate openly a 'human rights imperialism' in stating that all negotiations with the Iranians by the british state led by the tories now or with him as PM would put their human rights situation at the heart of the talks! He bemoaned some british arms deals with the Saudis, but of course said nothing about Qatari Monarchy cos he was on their propaganda platform, the Qatari state plays a massive role in alliance with the brits in developing war and death squads in the region and also Qatari money is a major plank of keeping the british imperialist economy afloat (massive investments in the property and finance in london).

On the Scottish issue owen jokes has put across bluntly what many of us who oppose Labour with or without Corbyn as THE bulwark of the british state to keep the union, owen jokes recent article in the guardian was entitled: "Only a convincing Labour party stands between Scotland and independence"! ie., exactly what we have been saying for weeks, while jokes supports the union and I oppose the union, we are agreed that there is basically two mutually antagonistic positions: support the leftward mass turn on this island by supporting Scottish independence, or support Labour/Corbyn/the union which maintains and deepens the colonial consensus in england.

The poor old varoufakis came over recently, and had to even admit that the sell out and failure of Syriza is a good lesson to Corbyn and co (source).

In conclusion, as I have been saying all along, there is NO LEFTWARD shift in england, the Corbyn hype is based on a tiny section of the english left population who are actually nearly wholly beholden to left imperialism, and even the minutest of possibilities of a leftward shift in england via Corbyn has been neutralised cos the english left behind Corbyn are clueless and cannot and have not built capacity for over 25 years and continue to fail in this regard. Corbyn and Co have decided to deny and reject a strategic alliance with the SNP which the SNP (and Plaid) offered. The english left SHOULD have built a serious project this last 25 years, they have not, they are increasingly weak, they have not learnt ANY lessons from Sinn Fein, Plaid or the SNP, quite the opposite, they remain hostile and run behind the british state on every imperialist adventure across the world (they patronise 'latin' America cos the brits have no active policies compared to Africa and Asia).

The Labour Party MPs hate Corbyn, even asking a mass exodus into the Labour Party to bolster Corbyn's position means a left coup within the Labour Party which would then have to impose a new group of councillors across the country for election next may and then a new wave of pro Corbyn MP candidates for the next general election, all of whom would have to enter into a direct battle against the SNP on a colonial unionist ticket ie., ALL UTTER PIE IN THE SKY.

My apologies to everyone that there are people in england who are promoting this mess as anything better than the actual sorry state of english left imperialist backwardness and infantile delusions that it obviously is. I wish it were different. I wish there was something of substance in this. But I have been active in the english left was 20 years, and I know this phenomenon closely and understand its evolving/devolving nature. My critique is not ultra left, and it is not right wing either: the english situation requires at the same time the development of alliance building towards a new and serious project of decolonial socialism, needs to develop a mass line and mass work including in mainstream political structures (councillors, MPs, MEPs etc), but needs to be rooted in a firm and uncompromising decolonial anti-imperialism. Tall order, I know! But is there any alternative? Maybe there is no mass base for any socialist-oriented decolonial anti-imperialism in england for the foreseeable future, that might be a cold reality.  If there is potential, then people really have to ideologically and practically pull together and build this project that will take decades to get anywhere. There are no short cuts.

If the english left and their delusional, utterly opportunistic supporters were serious: they would from now start preparing for the coming big defeat and depression that the failure of the Corbyn hype is about to produce. They won't, they will continue to lead people down the sordid path of spinning imperialist social democratic delusions as 'something good', and will fail the millions of our people who want to see british imperialism weakened, the Scots succeed, the british and esp english stop wanting to butter their bread on the basis of our bones and blood and maybe even support our actually existing liberation struggles.

Victory to Scottish Independence.

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Anonymous said...

Jeremy Corbyn is the "left" face of British Imperialism--nothing more.

The fact that the British "progressives" have supported him shows more about their own imperial nature than anything else.

The British Imperial Left in general favors disguising British imperialism around the world under the guise of Human Rights and other progressive pretexts.

In typically self-righteously fashion, they will instinctively seize up and mamiupate any issue (like the migrants and refugees from Syria and the Middle East) to provide a humanitarian veneer to attack a given foreign nation.

The entire British entity is imperialist to the core. It is not just a question of the elites but of the British nation itself.

And it is high time that the British be called out and then dealt with as such.