Friday, 18 September 2015


Why can't Scottish National Party (SNP)​ / Scottish nationalists and Jeremy Corbyn​ and Co just unite?: In the british colonial period the british imperialist left used to say to the our people fighting for freedom from colonialism that we are not 'mature' enough, we are not perfect enough to be supported, that we were not ready to lead our own struggle for our own rights and independence, that we should be led by the 'mother country' radicals, we should know our place and not question the superiority of the imperialist socialist movement and that actually we are spoiling and sabotaging and were rude distractions to the much more important and superior struggle of the socialist movement within the colonial centre.

Similarly today we can see this dynamic internal to this island between the english socialists who support the colonial union, the english socialists have no movement, no actual or projected strategic power or capacity, no plan: nothing. While the Scots with all their contradictions have a mass based strong movement for their rights and independence led by a serious party with other leftist movements in support. The Scottish nationalists in the SNP *and* the Scottish independence socialist formations outside of the SNP reached out a hand of strategic friendship to Labour pre Corbyn and during Corbyn, they wanted a united front against the tory government, the Corbyn camp have rejected the offer and reaffirmed their (left) colonial unionist position.

It is worth people being critically reflective of the problems of english/british colonial conceit and ignorance towards the 'internal' colonies of this island. The same dynamic was evident in the colonial period towards our peoples, the same attitude is present today in the english/western left's hatred and left support of imperialist attacks and destructions of our countries, and also the same dynamic has always been and remains present towards the english/western left and Black and Asian anti-imperialist / anti-racist struggles within the 'west'.

Here are the quotes from Corbyn as to his rejection of Scottish powers and independence, and also it is very clear the SNP and its mass base are deeply unimpressed with Corbyn and his camp refusing a strategic partnership with them against the tories.

"Speaking to The Courier ahead of a packed-out rally in Dundee University’s Dalhousie Building, Jeremy Corbyn rejected the idea of holding another vote on the constitution, despite comparisons being made between his campaign and the narrative used by the SNP."


"Mr Corbyn said: “Obviously it is the right of people to decide what they want to do but the last time there was a referendum I was told by Alex Salmond it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“I don’t know how many lifetimes were involved in this.

“I don’t think another referendum would be credible and I don’t think it is particularly likely."


- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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