Wednesday, 26 August 2015


[photo credit: from brother Brian Muhammad's page]

Thank you brother Brian E. Muhammad for informing us that Respected Elder, brother and comrade Dedon Kimaathi (former slave name Kenneth Carr) has passed on to the Ancestors. 

I had the privilege of spending a little time with this great human being in Tripoli while the Nato bombs were destroying the country along with their allied death squads who are now running the place amok.

We conducted this interview, which was a great insight into Muammar Gaddafi's Socialist Jamahirya and its relationship to the All-African People's Revolutionary Party (AAPRP) and other related issues.

As I parted ways and dropped off Dominque Stevenson and Black Panther and political prisoner of 44 years Eddie Conway this morning, the morning after we had an excellent event in defence of our political prisoners in Libya, leaders of Socialist Libya, I hope many millions of others will closely engage with these giants of our struggle to better inform our organisational, strategical, ideological and ethical challenges that we face today.

We all have such a short time in this dunya, a short existence in which we are obliged by the Ancestors to struggle harder, better, faster in contributing whatever we can to our on-going and intergenerational liberation struggles of our peoples across the globe.

We walk in your elephant footsteps, dear Dedon Kimaathi.

It was an honour to meet you in a vanguard resistant country which was Socialist Libya, it was an honour to learn from you briefly and meet many other comrades and of course to unite with our Libyan and African family on the continent, at the time when Libya needed us the most, at the time when too many sold out the most.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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