Wednesday, 26 August 2015


Many complex factors at play here, but in the final analysis I think it is clear that a major section of the British state has decided to give him *enough* space to help him facilitate pushing back against the only real and actual threat to the British state which is Scottish independence (ie., win back Scots to the Labour Party which supports the union, but also this is having an impact on Ireland with votes being pushed towards labour against Sinn Fein and also Wales).

Scotland HAS a serious mass movement against the British state. Corbyn and the entire english left are no threat for the foreseeable future, and EVEN if Corbyn wins the Labour Party leadership the British state would rather a growing Labour left than the growing movement towards Scottish independence, cos the British state knows the latter is a real threat and the former are not and can be handled relatively easily.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

Some discussion:

Facebook friend: A fallout of Corbyn winning could be the preservation of the Union but that is not the basis of the vote for him. It's a vote against austerity really and there is a split in the establishment so to argue that the British state want him is too simplistic.

Me: As you will know large swathes of Scots have rejected the rather arrogant colonial unionism of Corbyn.

I said a SECTION of the British state have decided to allow Corbyn to save the union, actually it has only been sometimes the most right wing section of the state that has opposed Corbyn.

And that people cannot recognise the bigger picture of the union and are voting in austerity just plays into giving a left cover to save the union.

Facebook friend: Not sure that it's the most right wing section of the state opposing him. Murdoch is supporting him! Tories are happy with the inevitable split. It's the right wing of Labour Party that want rid of him, and it's part of the labour left that may use him to preserve the union.

Me: The telegraph, daily mail seem to be leading the charge against Corbyn to *some* extent, whereas the guardian, bbc, sky, independent, the times, the daily record, murdoch (!) as you mention are all very soft on Corbyn.

Of course the labour 'right' would be annoyed with Corbyn,

I dont think its only the labour left who want to use Corbyn to preserve the union, the fact that Corbyn has got a very nice and easy ride from the propaganda arms of the british state is imho directly related to him 'playing ball' on the colonial union issue.

Although I positively work with Galloway on a number of things, you will remember that he was literally shoulder to shoulder with the orange lodges and tories on the referendum issue, ie., the british (tory and beyond) state KNOW VERY WELL what is good for them and will employ all forces in line with their interests.

It's a shame that not more critical conversations have been allowed into the Corbyn debate, which is dominated by a lot of self delusional narrow chatter.

Facebook friend: Yes critical conversations have been lacking. There is a feeling amongst many - and to s degree I share it - that maybe just maybe he could bring about a change. Probably delusional as you say but I understand and empathise with the desire to hope even though it will probably be an abysmal failure! There are no answers just experiments.

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