Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Long live Abdullah Senussi and Saif Al Islam Gaddafi! 

For all their mistakes increasing amount of Libyans nevertheless see them and the former Libyan Jamahirya as a massively successful pro-people society building project and compared to now a verticals golden age.

Senussi is still flown out by the pro nato forces from his cell to help intervene in disputes amongst Libyans! Saif is a well respected asset for those who are holding him, without which the Zintanis are nothing in Libya.

It's no surprise that those who have helped nato plunge Libya into this raping, looting, collapsed state mess, those who took up arms in alliance with nato would send the defenders of the formerly beautiful Libyan Jamahirya to death.

Those who gave life to Libya and beyond are sentenced to death, while those who have brought nothing but misery and trauma in Libya and beyond are the 'Arab spring revolutionaries'.

There is a complex internal struggle in Libya to orient Libya back towards that legacy, but those process like other processes (Tunisia, Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq etc) will only see some meaningful successes once Russia and China and its regional allies (especially Egypt and Iran) are united in a concerted push back project against the neo-colonial supremacist death squads.

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