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‪#‎όχi‬ wins in ‪#‎Greece‬, now WTF?! 

As Syriza-leader and Greek PM Tsipras said himself on last Friday in pleading with the Greek people, this No vote IS NOT a 'No' to EU membership, or the Euro, it's not even technically and strictly a rejection of austerity! It is ONLY a No to the very last austerity diktat(/negotiation round) from the EU; on that issue, we know that Tsipras sent a secret letter to the EU stating that he basically accepts 95% plus of their diktat save a few details. (source)

So what now? Things are a total muddle and nothing is clear what will happen next, there are no guarantees but for the guarantee that the Greek people's emotions and situation is really relatively increasing in desperation and their expectations are difficult to manage. Tsipras/Varoufakis/Syriza will go back to the EU and larger 'troika' (euro central bank, and imf as well as the eu) with a slight incremental increase of pressure on their side to negotiate. Does Syriza have anything new to play with in their favour with the troika? I am not sure.

On the one hand China's intervention was important in stating that although its the EU's own internal affairs, China would prefer to see the EU to stay together and Greece to stay in (source). China increasingly the leading world purse for the the benefits of itself and secondarily the GlobalSouth, but increasingly also important for sections of the 'west' too, as China is the only big global investor! But PERHAPS this nudge from China helped the EU to give a compromise last Friday by saying that Greece could possible leave the euro for a short time, a TINY amount of climbdown. (source)

In the immediate short term, Greece needs a serious and immediate injection of 'liquidity' (cash flow!) as banks run out of cash on Weds and state employees wont get paid for July. This means that Greece and Syriza are in a serious enemy-headlock with nothing in their hand to play against this.
I know a lot of the westernised left think Syriza are amazing, while as I have already said that I am on the side of Syriza between them and the troika, however, it's also important imho to be crystal clear that this Syriza are quite typically colonial left, who can seldom even get anything for the relatively exploited western people (albeit, the Greeks are still beneficiaries of imperialist loot), and unless they are led through the nose by the Global South, they always ef it all up. Syriza always, including a few minutes ago by the press conference by Varoufakis, are still desperately in love with imperialist Europe *as a neocolonial concept*, and they seem to think this hopeless love affair will somehow sweeten and/or be reciprocated by their abusive lovers in the troika.

I HOPE AND WANT TO BE PROVED WRONG, but all I see is Syriza going hard and fast into a dead end, they just have not provided ANY way forward through this profoundly complex situation, rather they have just added on the complications and confusion, and nothing they have done have shown they have any real plan to deal with any of this other than the most embarrassing of colonial lefty middle class sloganeering. Its like having colonial lefty paper sellers in charge of the whole of Greece.

The statement from our regional ALBA comrades (source) echoes the hopes of millions of people across the world who want Syriza to win, but know that they must FIGHT BRAVELY and fearlessly to fight to win, something which Syriza have not really shown so far considering their total strategy being embedded amorously with the enemy. I agree with Maduro when he said “Fear not, Greek sisters and brothers, the path forward is to break the chains of international financial capital and the IMF, to free yourselves from the yoke that tries to consume the people’s blood, the people’s labor, the wealth of countries, that is the path”.

But there is NO SIGN of them doing anything of the sort. But history is seeing things intensify, and new shoots of perhaps more ideological and organisational and global strategies are being borne, perhaps the Greeks can join in positively in that? The great danger is that Syriza cannot "save european imperialism for the benefit of the Greek working class" (source) which is a central ideological, conceptual and strategic central platform of their project, will collapse and in so doing end up doing the opposite of what Varoufakis outlined in his nonsensical praxis, which is something that Lenin called 'social imperialism', I hope Syriza and such like dont end up playing their sell out role for the Global South peoples and the Greek and 'european' peoples like their proverbial great grandfathers did in the Second International (source).

Will the western left ever break from their masters, and our (Global South) mass murderers, war mongers and genocidal maniacs? Apart from the SNP, no real sign of it since 2008. Here's hoping, praying and/or fantasising.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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