Monday, 13 July 2015


'Europe' Isn't Designed To Save Greece and Europeans

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm
Mon 13 July 2015

#‎Greece‬, where are we now?: What was ‪#‎Syriza‬'s plan from day one? Did it have a viable plan? Firstly, one must look beyond the delusions, fanciful flights and fantasies that people, understandably desperate on the one hand for a push back in europe, projected onto Syriza. A week ago the western/westernised left were making out that Syriza were the new Bolshevik revolution in europe, now they are dumping them hard and fast. Silly, but to be expected. The english left have tried to bask in reflected glory in Syriza of their own ridiculous bankrupt left strategy, which is Jeremy Corbyn for labour leadership and the colonial left 'peoples assembly'. Or is it russell brand talking about and obsessed with 'boobies' & misogyny and owen jones criticising the establishment while the establishment promotes him THE strategy? Like Syriza, the english left, like Podemos in spain are all about their own crumbs from colonial loot, they will never spit on African and Asian people in torturous fire in our Homelands created directly by their own imperialist states, but will throw a hissy fit cos their imperialist-given living standards are relatively slightly hit.

Syriza's plan from day one was to plead and beg with their european masters that they are europeans, so they should be treated more nicely / less harshly. What was their plan to put force to that strategy? basically none. The referendum was supposed to up Syriza's relative power in negotiations, but referendums, mass protests, conferences, paper sales, strikes are not enough to shift things, you need a global strategy, and an iron will that incrementally delinks you from the imperialists, and you go towards the BRICS etc who will not dictate politics to you, not least push intolerable policies on your population. The actually existing model for this is the Scottish National Party (see herehere and here).

Syriza are now being punished for even trying (and failing) to tinker with the troika (EU, ECB and IMF) diktat, and ironically it was the USA and less so France that have been the relative strategic allies of Syriza! So why haven't Syriza reached out seriously to the Brics, Global South etc? Cos ON PRINCIPLE they think they can up their survival game WITHIN the confines of imperialist europe. Why did they think they could do this? Cos they are politically nearly totally vested in 'europe', being the extremely naive middle class western lefties they are and remain until now, Syriza's leadership thought europeans could treat europeans nicely cos they are all europeans (something Pilger and others have spelled out well).

This has been put in the dustbin by those running 'europe', while Greece will not see a Nato 'no fly zone' war of aggression, while Greece will not see Nato proliferating death squads, 'while Greece will not see their leadership raped, slaughtered and lynched on tv and newspapers for days, europe' has nonetheless told Greece you are not *really* fully european (read: 'human') 'like us', thanks for trying, but we are going to punish you for even trying to make out 'another europe is possible'.

Syriza now have to deliver a massive austerity package which is actually a total punishment for Greece, that surrenders their economy to the enemy in return of a promise that Greece will never engage with the Global South (source). Indeed Syriza have tried to show 'europe' that they are not playing some covert plan with Russia and China, so much so that Syriza have made it clear that they will renege on the China deal Piraeus port deal! (see here)

Syriza delivering the european diktat to Greece is going to and starting to lead to even more Greek domestic turmoil, there is no way the Greek people will accept such a situation when Syriza put their hopes sky high to only bring them back deeper into the gutter.

What should be the attitude of anti-imperialist people outside Greece? Imho, I would say echoing our 'latin' American leadership on Syriza: We are with you in your FIGHT! STRUGGLE! RESIST! But Syriza leadership have utterly ignored our comrades in Cono Sur, they have no Plan B, they want to stay put, there is no fight and resistance. Our attitude should be to encourage the fight, but its hard when there just isnt a fight. What exactly is there to support here?? There is NO PUSH BACK. In all honesty, I think we just have to observe this mess, clearly and without creating more colonial confusion strive to understand what forces Syriza actually is instead of wishful thinking and perhaps something new from within Syriza or outside, or another combination of forces will emerge that refuse to stay within the euro imperialist vice-grip, and WANT TO fight to 'grexit' this mess and build a functional life-giving bridge to the Global South.

Greece of late has been perhaps the second big test as to the future of the european imperialist periphery. The first has and continues to be Scotland, all going more or less fine and good there. Greece comparatively is a real roller-coaster which, through illusions, raised the Greeks high, and is now plunging and making everyone quite sick. The bottom line is that a radical force within europe has to be strategically oriented in a anti-european ie., anti-imperialist direction that with confidence and steely determination makes gradual but sure preparations of joining our global family of support, rather than staying in this cesspit of genocide, white supremacy, and neocolonialism.

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