Saturday, 11 July 2015


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The mankind should be grateful to Belarus for its contribution to the victory in World War II, Ecuador President Rafael Correa said in an interview with the World View program on the RTR Belarus TV channel, BelTA has learned.

“Belarus is a heroic nation. Here, in Latin America, people know little about World War II, about the role of Soviet republics in achieving the victory over fascism. These were not Americans, as they usually show in films, but the Red Army who entered Berlin. Hitler's crash began when he started a war against the Soviet Union. I know that Minsk was one of the most heroic cities. The mankind owes a lot to Belarus,” Rafael Correa said.

According to the Ecuador President, it is strange that certain countries impose sanctions against Belarus taking into account the contribution of Belarus to the victory in World War II. “They also issue unilateral reports on human rights on Ecuador. Imagine, they talk about the human rights in spite of Guantanamo, tortures and murders. We are concerned about this because we fully observe human rights and the freedom of opinions,” he said.

Rafael Correa also said that Ecuador is now in the middle of a difficult situation, which is the intervention of the U.S. radical right-wing groups aiming to destabilize the nation. This can also be seen in Venezuela, Bolivia and Argentina. “These include numerous reports of the Department of State, all sorts of accusations, speculations of those who consider themselves the masters of the world. These include the intervention of the American mass media, the disinformation campaign, radical right-wing groups from the opposition aiming to destabilize the government of Ecuador,” the President of Ecuador explained.

Correa: President should be close and sincere with people

MINSK, 29 June (BelTA) – Closeness to people and sincerity are the pillars of the president's work, Ecuador President Rafael Correa said in an interview with the World View program on RTR Belarus TV channel, BelTA has learned.

The closeness to people gave me the people's support and helped our government to stay in power for eight years, Rafael Correa said.

The Ecuador president also noted that his country and Latin America should learn a lot from Belarus, from its history. For example, the Gini coefficient is the most commonly used measure of inequality. The Gini coefficient is 0.26 in Belarus, 0.44 in Latin America. It means that our country has a higher level of inequality than Belarus. Ecuador is committed to creating a just society,” Rafael Correa said.

He added that Ecuador has made big progress in ensuring equality. But it is still needed to do a lot to create a fair country with equal opportunities.

Rafael Correa also extended his best wishes to the Belarusian people and wished success in the forthcoming election to the Belarusian President.

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