Monday, 29 June 2015


Never forget today - Bloody Friday in Ramadan 26 June 2015 - the day where we have seen what is unmistakably a concerted offensive by those who are masterminding these supremacist death squads -- the leading nato countries & their allies in the middle east, esp the gulf monarchies, turkey & israel: nearly 20 of our comrades killed in China - nearly 30 people killed in Tunisia - nearly 30 Shia brothers killed in Kuwait - armed gang depraved attack in france:

There is NO DOUBT that interests very powerful have hit strategically at Tunisia (hitting the economy, intending to turn Tunisia into a 'Qaeda' ie., a base for further destabilisation across Africa & Asia & into europe), China (encouraging destabilsation, which will happen more & more in China, with the utter lying media about 'China banning Ramadan' helping in that regard), Kuwait (stirring sectarian tension there which will have a direct spillover effect on Iraq, the other gulf monarchies, Jordan etc) and france (encouraging more anti-Muslim hate & divisions, and the western states will use this to justify more racism & securitsation of our societies).

Also, just a few days ago 'Isis' established a 'caliphate' in the Caucasus as well. The mistake the enemy has made in committing these death squad attacks is that it is going to spur on our side even more to meet this neocolonial project with a push back. We have already started doing this, but the AU, SCO, BRICS & other formations will develop their self defensive capacities.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm


The next time some hypocritical racist moron whines "Why don't the Muslims ever condemn the terrorists?", perhaps show them this? And ask them if they showed the same heart felt condemnation when we were arming, funding, training, and bombing for the same Wahabi terrorist gangsters who carried out massacres hundreds of times greater next door in Libya?

Mind you, if the Tunisian people pictured here knew how much the British people actually despise them, their faith, their culture then they might just have stayed at home. But probably not, because unlike the British, these people have dignity, courage and, crucially, compassion.

Another one to use to remind the bigots who demand every Muslim answer for the death squad terrorism that is in reality the creation of the British state itself.

British people will gladly see Muslims, Arabs and Africans massacred, drowned, starved and bombed, demand more of it even, but those same innocent Muslims, Arabic and African people, after all you have sat and watched your governments inflict upon them, will without a moments thought put their own bodies in front of a gun aimed at you, prepare to sacrifice their own lives to save your corrupt, decadent, privileged racist white skins...

"A British survivor of the Tunisian hotel massacre says brave Tunisians formed a human shield to protect Western tourists.

John Yeoman, who was in the hotel next to the one targeted by the gunman, said the men in the background of a picture taken during the shooting were not stood watching the gunman - but trying to save people.

Earlier John tweeted: "Those in the background formed a human shield to protect another hotel, they are not watching. They saved many lives. "

John told MirrorOnline: "It's amazing what they did. The staff were in a line and they were shouting at him, saying 'we won't let you through'.

"They shouted: 'You'll have to go through us'. That's why he's got his back turned to them.
"He tried to get to my hotel and they stood in a line."

As a result the 23-year-old - who told Tunisians he wasn't after them and targeted helpless Western tourists - turned and walked away."

- James Stuart

Hamma Hammami, much respected leader of the communist Workers Party of Tunisia at the left-nationalist Popular Front organised rally against imperialist backed Salafi death squad fascism in Tunis last night:

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