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The following is Dan Glazebrook and mine letter that was published in the Morning Star  on Thurs 04 June 2015 in criticising Andrew Murray (Unite union leader, Communist Party of Britain leader, and leader of the so-called 'Stop the War Coalition' the staggering defence of the pro Nato pro neocolonial death squads in the Muslim Brotherhood and even a soft peddling of 'Isis' etc!

The publishing of this letter to me that despite all the attempts at shutting-down and attempts and silencing or at best ignoring those who support our peoples and leadership of the Libyan Jamahirya, the Syrian Arab Republic, IRI, Hizbullah etc, that there is a clear split in the 'west' and in england between those who have been and continue to be directly or not to promote the neocolonial death squad agenda, and those who are supporting the actually existing struggle against it and against neocolonialism in general.

It's a sad fact that the english left, including Seamus Milne in his latest white wash of the british state collusion with death squads in the Muslim world (and instead projecting all blame away from the british state and towards the usa) are deeply implicated and are attempting to cover up british state collusion with death squads who ON PRINCIPLE lynch other sects, faiths, women, Black, Shia, Kurdish and other peoples or anyone who is not down with their neocolonial supremacist modus operandi and conceptual nature of the world.

Dan and I are always open to either a text based or recorded face to face discussion on this issue with any of the western left who are still supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and the neocolonial death-squad elements in the Muslim world.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

"In his review of Salman Sayyid’s latest book, Andrew Murray continues with his ongoing effort to sanitise the Western-backed forces tearing the Arab world apart.

"Murray is of course correct that what he calls a ‘blinkered, aggressive and insensitive secularism’ is a serious problem - indeed it is a major part of the Eurocentric epistemological chauvinism which needs to be addressed as an urgent priority by the left.

"However, to attribute Egyptian popular support for the overthrow of President Morsi solely to such a force is to entirely misunderstand the nature of both Morsi’s rule and its opponents. Aside from presiding over growing anti-Christian and anti-Shia violence, Morsi was fully supportive of the sectarian insurgency in Syria, even hinting at sending the Egyptian army to its aid. To write off the large numbers of Egyptians who rejected this as simply suffering from some kind of knee-jerk secularism is thoroughly disingenuous.

"Likewise, Murray’s suggestion that Samir Amin supported the French intervention in Mali “because it was…directed against African Islamists” is a caricature of his actual position, which was one of maximum unity against the Anglo-American-Wahhabi alliance tearing the region apart. We did not support Amin’s position, but do believe it derived solely from a genuine desire to see the most aggressive imperialist plot in the region defeated.

"Most worryingly of all, Murray’s suggestion that ISIS is carrying out a “tearing down of the Sykes-Picot” pact is a bizarre way to characterise what is effectively a NEW Sykes-Picot imperialist carve up of the region. Declassified documents from the US Defence Intelligence Agency last week noted that “a Salafist principality in eastern Syria” is “exactly” what the Western powers want “in order to isolate the Syrian regime, which is considered the strategic depth of the Shia expansion (Iraq and Iran)”: ISIS, in other words, is the key agent - whether conscious or not - of a new imperial strategy of dividing Syria and Iraq in order to weaken Iran.

"Whilst Murray effectively paints ISIS as a genuine challenge to Western interests, he characterises the growing regional push-back against the Wahhabi’ist death squads (allied to US and British imperialism) as nothing more than a manifestation of a reactionary Islamophobia. In so doing he gives credence to the idea that to oppose sectarian Wahhabi'ist violence is to oppose Islam - a sectarian idea in itself.

"Dan Glazebrook and Sukant Chandan"

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