Wednesday, 10 June 2015


What Greece Might Inform as to the Future of the West

Syriza is not my cup of lassi, however, the developments in Greece of late show it to be the weakest link in the chain of 'western imperialism' or 'the west', and as such shows some interesting things.

While Greece is on the periphery of the neocolonial bloc, it still has many benefits of being in the club, a bit like Bulgaria, Romania, East Europe and South Europe, it is on the bottom rungs of that section of the global hierarchy.

Not that long ago, the british invaded and smashed a socialist anti-imperialist uprising there, and it has ever since seen one of the most anti-imperialist populations within the west.

Greece has a number of mass movements for socialism and against imperialism, one of which is Syriza which has seen itself develop a electoral platform to some success. Personally, while I am aware of the nature of the division between Syriza and the Communist Party (KKE) and other forces, I would like to see a unity between all of them, really the KKE should be in government with Syriza (please, pro KKE people dont jump on me! lol).

There are all kinds of criticisms one could make of Syriza, but let me emphasise some of the positive: they have taken an anti austerity mandate to the heart of the necolonialists in the EU. They have caused great tensions and worries amongst the enemy and have threatened to walk away. They have led Greece to a closer strategic partnership with the leading Global South forces such as the BRICS and especially Russia, with Greece signing up to the BRICS bank!

And now they are on the cusp of a possible total exit from the EU etc, which will mean they will have to go deeper into alliance with the BRICS, and that is perhaps a lesson as to the future of the west generally, a direction which we are well along the the brits (much to the chagrin of the yanks) joining up with the Chinese led global bank called the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and other things.

There is not going to be mass revolutionary uprisings of the peoples of the west against neocolonialism and for socialism, although if there is that would be nice, but no sign of it at all. What we are seeing what will happen is what is already happening, things like Greece will develop ONLY IF other peoples and countries can develop some decent political capacity, ie., develop organisations and political leadership that pushed back on neocolonialism and in increasing harmony with the Global South, Scotland is another viable example of what may happen in the west.

The major stumbling bloc to that, and the reason why South Europe is relatively to the rest of the 'west' going just about in the right direction is cos South Europe is the weakest and least respected area by the enemy within the west, (although East Europe is treated even more shit than the 'PIGS' (Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain, an acronym obviously in line with the way in which relatively the rest of the enemy looks down upon that region), but the potential in East Europe is mostly neutralised due to the mass pro-Nato sentiment as a result of a triumphalist and brutal anti-communist pro-imperialist historical victories there from 1989-1991 (with exceptions, such as in the case of socialist Belarus)), and as such it is relatively easier for South Europe to increasingly break away and incrementally START to question and directly and indirectly critique its own colonial and imperialist nature.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing amazingly inspirational and dramatic taking place, although what Greece is showing is relatively dramatic moves in relation to its movement towards the leading Global South forces.

As for us in very backward places like west and NW Europe and North America, apart from some different levels of interesting things (Scotland, Ireland, less so Wales, Basque Country, even Podemos :/ ) we are still deeply steeped in neocolonial backwardness, but as I said, EVEN THEN, due to the very pragmatic nature of business etc, large chunks of the west are increasingly BUT NOT YET going towards a JUNIOR relationship to the leading Global South countries, but that DOES NOT mean that the enemy will not go to war to stop it becoming a total junior partner to the Global South. The war IS ON, the war against all of Africa, Asia (esp Russia, China, but also Somalia, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Iraq and many other countries is intense) is at full blast and needs total defeat.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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