Monday, 29 June 2015


Does anyone know why George Galloway MP was not on the speakers podium at the 'anti-austerity' rally on last Saturday? Although some on the left will have differences and issues with Galloway (I publicly disagreed with Galloway on Scotland, for eg), he is still one of the biggest, perhaps THE best globally known biggest political figures on the left in england, with his Respect Justice Equality party being one of the most important left formations in england in recent years and also has been a part of advocating working class, Black, Muslim and Asian and anti-imperialist demands for decades.

Why was he not on the speakers podium? I have already asked publicly why the Scottish National Party (SNP) were not on the podium although they were on the march. I have hear it RUMOURED that the whole protest is was controlled by pro Labour Party forces of the owen jones, rees, german etc (they dabble in colonial lefty politics when not covering for neocolonial supremacist sending death squads to Libya and Syria), so that would make sense why Galloway and SNP were kept out as they are not inside the Labour Party and both are (despite on opposing sides on the Scotland issue!) campaign directly against the Labour Party, whereas it seems the stage was kept clear for Jeremy Corbyn and his party.

So we had an 'anti-austerity' protest that seemed to not care less about the Charleston massacre (no mention of it by the organisers, Lee Jasper mentioned it on stage, but that was the only reference) protected the Labour Party, promoted left imperialist demands (Corbyn saying Britain is the 'fourth richest country and should not have to increase poverty', and 'money in the banks belong to british people', so protecting the imperialist fed social wage and making out the wealth robbed from the people of the Global South in the british banks belong not to the people of the Global South but british people!!), kept out the SNP and Galloway and others and has no strategy AT ALL in pushing back on ANY exploitation within ! And to think some were spinning this mess as something positive to join in with.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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