Monday, 1 June 2015


Cuba has every right to demand from the enemy (USA) terrorists which the USA have trained, financed, protected and directed against Cuba. They should face the rule of law in Cuba. If Cuba secured an arrangement with the USA in this regard we would all support it. So funny how how most who love-up Cuba cannot support the exact same dynamics of other Global South countries such as Libyan Jamahirya and Syria etc, rather so many have fallen for the neo-colonial mind tricks trap of opposing the rights of Libya and Cuba under the 'rendition' tag. You either support the demands of he Global South against the common enemy or you don't.

I hope Cuba get back all those scumbags who teamed up w the enemy against Cuba, and I hope all other Global South countries get terrorists back who the British and other western states have been colluding with.

When the brits returned some of their agents and terrorists back to Libya, the strategy of the brits in this was related to the british wanting Libya to:

- not be so radical (that didnt happen, as Gaddafi continued to be, pushing forward the AU, making links to the ALBA countries, and starting a new wave of support of radical Black struggles within the 'west' as seen by the conference whereby Malcolm Shabazz (MX's nephew) met Gaddafi at a conference in Jan 2011.)

- get Libyan oil for cheap / looting prices (that didnt happen either, which Horace Campbell, although he hates Gaddafi and opposes Libya on the same level he opposes nato, his whole book on the subject disproves his basic position that Libya somehow gave up to the west, rather he proves himself wrong in the book showing that Libya was still resistant to imperialist sell out)

And also Libya was demanding its own rights with west europe, including the return of wanted terrorists etc.

This issue is made partially more complex by the fact that the british of course used these returnees as continued agents, so like in the case of Hakim Belhaj (LIFG and 'Isis' leader in Libya), the Libyans got him back from the brits/yanks (ie., 'rendition'), but treated him well, indeed nearly like a national cause celebre (some spinning no doubt in operation by the Libyans to some extent), ands tried to bring him and other in from the cold, however, they took advantage of this and teamed up with nato and ultimately destroyed Libya.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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