Tuesday, 2 June 2015


"In earlier court hearings, Gildo’s defence lawyers argued he was helping the same rebel groups the British government was aiding before the emergence of the extreme Islamist group, Isis" - source

Once again, Gareth Pierce (left luvvy lawyer) defends a death squad member who is backed by the British state and other leading Nato countries. How many death squads in the Muslim world are english lefty liberal lawyers gonna defend?

Once again, how many neo-colonial death squads in the Muslim are the western left gonna support? Once again, the open and obvious collusion of the British state with death squads is exposed.

Once again, next to no comment from people who are supposed to oppose imperialist strategies and policies.

Once again, a TINY amount of people are doing anything close to exposing all of this, while the governments and peoples of Iraq, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia and event latin American countries all are aware and either directly fighting and resisting this primary plank of imperialist war policy against our Homelands.

The British have taken british and general western death squad experience (especially in the british case in the field of northern Ireland and 1980s Afghanistan) and have upgraded that operation to their support with Jabhat Nusra, 'Isis' and many other death squads. And all over the place we have MOST of the western left deeply in collaboration with the imperialists in giving cover and support to the death squads.

Here are some choice quotes from this mainstream british newspaper:


"'The distinction the prosecution make between legitimate opposition and those that are Islamically based jihadists would have to be evidentially based and there is an abundance of material to show that no such distinction was to be made at that time.'"


"It is understood that Gildo wanted to return from Syria and sought the help of the Swedish security service who helped him make the journey back from Turkey."


"The group he had joined, Kataib al-Muhajireen, had gone on to work with Jabhat al-Nusra, a 'proscribed group considered to be al-Qaeda in Syria' after the battle. [...]"

By the by, this is the same death squad that another british intelligence services facilitated death squad activist Moazzam Begg has assisted in the past, see here.

When I shared some of these comments, a few people voiced concerns about people like Gareth Pierce and the way in which they have got caught up in this death squad project (I too have had my delusions in the past and was tricked by this complex project), however, when there is an enormous amount of material that exposes the fact that these death squads are some of the primary tools of leading nato powers and are facilitating the total collapse of entire countries and turning them into horror stories, then perhaps we need more of a public conversation and not stick our heads in the sands?

If Pierce was defending Miami-based anti Cuban terrorists, or Loyalist death squads, there would be some push back.

But there is not on this, rather this is being spun as something to support. So, I would say there is clearly a massive problem here, and the problem is VERY deep, as it shows a massive network of complicity and collusion from the british, french, usa state right down to the western liberal and left, of which people like Gareth Pierce are a part.

Here's hoping and praying that people will shift from their own collusion in this sordid death squad project.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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