Thursday, 14 May 2015


As we edge closer to China and Russia (and allies) developing military-industrial capacity that can match firepower - to - firepower with the USA and its allies, I see three broad main outcomes. Keep in mind the entire miltary strategy of the USA and allies is openly geared towards a showdown with China, this has been the case ever since the collapse fo the Soviet Union and East Euro Socialist countries:

1. The USA and a few allies (Japan, Aus, Britain?? no guarantees!) will go to an open war against China and/or Russia and its allies (nearly the entire GlobalSouth, but esp the more militant countries: Zimbabwe, 'North Korea', South Africa, Cuba, Venezuela and ALBA, Chinese-led and pan-Asian Shanghai Cooperation Organisation countries etc), and basically with the approach that if they (western fat rich white man) cannot have everything, then no one on the planet will.

2. In this open global war of neocolonial aggression, our side (China and/or Russia and allies) wins! And literally it could be a case of Russian/-Chinese-/BRICS/-SCO etc soldiers liberating the lands of europe, north america and australia. Then we have a totally new global order where the decolonial anti-imperialist alliance of countries and peoples call the shots!

3. That the USA and UK etc ratchet up their military plans and actions (as they are overtly on Libya, Syria, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Ukraine etc), but watch carefully if they can cajole through covert and overt war the diminishing of Russian and Chinese military-industrial capacity. **at the moment** it does not look like to me that the west will for options/outcomes 1 and 2, cos they are seeing the Global South countries and peoples develop relative massive steps forward and are not going all out and CANNOT go all out to stop these moves like the formation of the BRICS, developments in SCO, BRICS development bank, Chinese global development bank, Chinese and Russian militaries joint drills in Moscow, Med Sea, Russian Naval drills with Venezuelans in Caribbean etc. And they are seeing all this, and unable and unwilling to war to sabotage all of it.

Hence, I think while any three outcomes and scenarios are possible, it SEEMS to me (and my understanding of events could change, and events could change my reflections) the third thing is what is happening for the time being: that the west is developing war operations, but not going for the biggest countries on our side, and will through losing stratiegically the smaller battles and wars, will gradually and increasingly accept an 'emerging' world order whereby the anti-imperialist global forces are increasingly going to call the shots, until a day when the west are defeated in terms of their global neo-colonial reach, and will be under our manners.

Whatever the weather, we are going to see the final outcome of this in the next two decades, perhaps a lot less, perhaps a bit longer. THIS is the most dramatic time to be living in the entire history of Humanity.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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