Monday, 11 May 2015


English socialists' 'spirit of '45'

10 things that unless and until the english left appreciate and act on, there will be NO left, radical, socialist resurgence in england:

1. England is a neocolonial imperialist capitalist country. Neocolonialism is a physical and political force, but also a conceptual and ethical force: it encompasses all neocolonial oppressions between humans (materialism, misogyny, white supremacy/racism being some of the primary but very few of them). All features of 'coloniality' and imperialism need to be addressed concurrently.

2. Unless england's imperialist nature is strategically and analytically understood and put into primary practice in struggle, england will continue to shift to the right.

3. Scotland is doing relatively well cos it well understands england is a neocolonial country, and hence it can work towards a trajectory of progressive, inclusive people-oriented politics.
4. The english working class have in general always been colonial minded, and have definitively shited towards the right continuously since 1985 (Miners Strike), or at the latest 1991 (anti-poll tax uprising).

5. Labour (old/new labour) and the Trade Union leadership and membership is overwhelmingly imperialist (with some wonderfully brilliant exceptions,ie., those who remain loyal to the best traditions of Scargill and Bob Crow) and is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

6. It is the english WORKING CLASS who have shifted their allegiances to the right, those workers who would have been at least in 'old labour' are now voting tories or/and ukip and have gravitated towards edl/britain first etc.

7. The people of the 'Global South' are equal human beings to people in the 'west' and england, and this should be an integral and primary part political struggle, ie., britain's neocolonial (and previously colonial oppression) of the world is a PRIMARY issue to be advocating on, not some awkward secondary issue to stay generally silent on and dismiss as 'foreign policy' or 'anti-war' politics.

8. That the global counter force and resistance to global capitalism (which is primarily yankee, brit and french neocolonialism) is the people, countries and leaderships of the Global South, and everything should be oriented to supporting them, as THIS AND NOTHING ELSE is what global solidarity/unity and internationalism is: supporting those who are doing the brunt of the fighting and taking the brunt of the sacrifices in the global resistance. These forces include ALL the forces in BRICS, ALBA, SCO, AU, CARICOM, SADC and others.

9. This political project requires gathering a sizeable force (even a dozen or more cadres) focusing on one particular area, developing a mass line there without compromising your politics and ethics (a mass line is basically consulting the people of a small area, working out their demands and immediate needs, and working on them to develop mass support and movement), and through the long term developing support, growing political capacity which may include getting councillors etc elected, and growing out FROM THAT SMALL PHYSICAL space and expanding. Perhaps an oppressed community like Handsworth, St Pauls, Southall, etc could be such a place?

10. Honesty, not neocolonial delusions, lies, turning failures until here into greater failures for the immediate future, are the order of the day.

Of course, there is actually quite a bit else, but at the moment, the major issue is that the english left is in denial about the growing colonial nature of the english working class, their delusions make them think we are on some brink of great resistance. The reality is that we are entering into many years perhaps decades of growing rightwing neocolonial triumphalism in england, unless the left recognise the above 10 point amongst other things, they will constantly get people running into defeats and becoming increasingly demoralised but still promoting their defeated project as the model for the 'upsurge of protest' which again will result in continuing defeats.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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