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Decolonial Anti-Imperialist Liberation Can Only Be Achieved Through the Rule of the Wretched of the Earth

ALL exploitation of other peoples and their labour will come to an end!

May Day, International Workers Day Message 

Sukant Chandan 
Sons of Malcolm
04 May 2015

The struggle to end the rule of neo-colonialism, imperialism and the liberation of Humanity necessarily means that the end goal that is being fought today through all the battles with imperialism is the rule of those at the bottom of society, the masses of people who produce all wealth (apart from nature itself which produces 'wealth'), the overwhelming labouring masses who toil in the fields, factories allied to their grassroots intellectuals and other revolutionary forces. It is well known that these peoples have always been the motors of historical revolutionary change, it is their mass struggles which create the conditions which then manifest exceptional leaders of the people and from the people. 

Colonialism or coloniality, or the 'colonial matrix of powers' as some decolonial thinkers have put it, is the manner in which colonialism has traumatised and oppressively twisted every aspect of human relations and human relations with the earth, the universe and the peoples various world and spiritual outlooks. It is only the labouring peoples who will be the qualitative (ideological leadership and analysis) and quantitative force (mass organisations) that will overturn this order in the final analysis. 

It has only been recently in less than the last 200 years that we have entered the final battle for Humanity: the struggle to put an end not only to colonialism and imperialism but ALL forms of exploitation, we are living through the ages of the independence and socialist liberation struggles of Humanity, a task which has been taken up for over a century by the 'wretched of the earth' to use Fanon's phrase, in the 'storm centres' (Mao's phrase) of the world in the so-called 'Third World' or 'Global South'.

The start of modern colonialism saw the first Resistance movements of the oppressed peasants and peasant community women leaders who saw genocide by the first phased of modern colonialism in the early middle ages in west europe. 

These methods of colonial genocide were further developed in the 'crusades' against the Eastern peoples of the Levant etc, and then against Jewish and Muslim peoples of southern europe, and then visited upon with such devastation upon the African, Asian and peoples of the so-called 'New World', leading Karl Marx, the most trenchant and sharpest revolutionary critic of the genesis and modus operandi western capitalism to date to define capitalism in the following words, a historical framing of colonial oppression hard to find any comparable summary of the phenomenon in such revolutionary sarcasm and wit: 

"The discovery of GOLD and silver in America, the extirpation, enslavement and entombment in mines of the aboriginal population, the beginning of the conquest and looting of the East Indies, the turning of Africa into a warren for the commercial hunting of black-skins, signalised the rosy dawn of the era of capitalist production." (Marx, Capital, Volume 1)

The resistant liberated African and Native 'Maroon' communities of the colonially dehumanised slaves in the Americas, the 1857 First Indian War of Liberation, the 1791 Haitian Revolution were some of the first successful strategic victories of Humanity's revolutionary struggles. 

This was followed by revolts across all the colonised three southern continents in the 19 century, which by the beginning of the twentieth century saw the very first examples of the people of the land and factories taking power from the former colonial oppressors, redistributing the land and wealth to the peoples, and going into a direct war of liberation against imperialism and supporting the global revolt against colonialism and imperialism. This was manifest in the great Irish Easter Uprising of 1916, but much more so in when this took pace on one sixth of the land mass of the planet in the form of the 1917 Russian Revolution leading to the Union of Socialist Soviet (workers and peasants councils) Republics or 'Soviet Union'. 

1917 was the major catalyst to concious revolutionary change, it fused the peoples uprisings with an ideological and practical models to learn from, it made many mistakes, but the historic nature of its accomplishments has stood out. I suggest people watch Russia Today which is running a brilliant program of features on the 70th anniversary of the greatest achievement of the USSR to Humanity that was their awe inspiring defeat of the greatest union of imperialist killing machine which was the combined fascist power of europe. Then another tremendous earth shaking occurrence took place as a result of the independence and socialist revolutions in India 1947, but especially the thorough anti-colonial and socialist Chinese Revolution of 1949, which by the by was the major contribution in the 'East' in the war.. 

The forces unleashed by the Second World War compounded by the victories of India, China and the Korean socialist and independence war of defence against USA and British genocidal war in 1950-1953 definitively opened up the last phase of Humanity's fight against the global systemic nature of colonial and neo-colonial oppression. 

Although most of our the Global South nations have won formal independence, we still have yet to defeat neo-colonialism, a task we started in the late 18 century, a challenge which was globally taken up post 1947/1949, an age of revolutionary struggle whose final victory is in sight.

Pre 1990s / Post 199s: The Major Historical Revolutionary Shift

The major change from pre 1990s compared to the post 1990s era is that before imperialism (or the 'West') could invest massively in pro-imperialist military dictatorships, however with the growing capacity and growing unity of Russia and China allied to the rest of the Global South, and compounded with the deepening crisis that neo-colonial capitalism has been (a crisis brewing spilling out for over 150 years, manifested most dramatically in wars!) seen since 2007/2008, we have now broadly two main camps with relatively few countries in between: on the one hand we have the small group of imperialist and neo-colonial countries being mainly west europe, north america, australia and Japan; on the other hand we have the majority of Humanity who are in a global complex liberation war against imperialism and neo-colonialism in the form of the BRICS, Bolivarian Alternative of the Americas (ALBA), Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), Non-Aligned Movement, Asean, African Union etc. Imperialism can no longer institute its dictators, and is now being pushed back by our global struggle all the while it plans and overtly and covertly unleashes offensive militry crises against us (Libya 2011, 'pivot to Asia' currently etc).

ALBA, SCO, BRICS, AU, ASEAN, CARICOM includes the most radical and effective global anti-imperialist-capitalist and socialist oriented countries we have - Cuba, Socialist Korea ('North Korea'), China, Vietnam, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Zimbabwe, Algeria, Belarus and perhaps a few others. These are the groups, often in unity with other relatively openly less radical countries and leaderships, carrying Humanity's wars of self-defence and liberation against the enemy. Integral to neo-colonialism and imperialism has always been a global covert and overt war on all levels, which is being pushed back by our united front forces. 

Sometimes sections of our people have to be put back in check and put 'under manners' within the general united front outlook, such as the massive purge of corrupt elements in the Chinese body politic, targeting elements which are the most open to corruption in unity with the imperialist enemy. The current unprecedented leadership initiated and wildly popular clampdown on corrupt elites, from the local and national level elites and sell outs tkaing place in China is the perfect example of the development of the united front which at the same time empowers and gives increasing leadership to the independence and socialist-oriented labouring masses in the framework of the anti-imperialist united front. Indeed, the Chinese are the world leaders in this strategy, with Deng Xiao Peng's but especially Mao Tse Tung's writings on this being the ideological touchstone and backbone of the world united front, especially the documents: On the Correct Handling of Contradictions Amongst the People and On New Democracy. 

Zimbabwe is another example, where the junior partners of neo-colonialism in the form of the so-called MDC had to be put in check to maintain the functionality of the united front. In Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador we can see that our forces need to employ their popular power against elements which are allied to the enemy and want to bring back a revanchist imperialist status quo. The tasks of revolutionary independence and socialist movements has never been to exacerbate and foolishly develop conflict between sections of our people, but to develop the maximum united front of our peoples for independence. However, if in that process sections and/or organisations of any people decide to ally with the enemy, then the leadership of our united front must destroy that collaboration mercilessly and with maximum force and minimum time, if not, once again, we go back to the examples of what the fall out can be in the recent examples of Somalia, Libya, Syria, Mali, with other countries which have been on the verge of such prospects most notably Zimbabwe (which was on the cusp of a overt and total war of British and USA miltary invasion and destruction in the early 2000s), Venezuela, China, Egypt, Tunisia and some others.

There are no wooden and dogmatic formulations of how the struggle will proceed in terms of the the tensions between enemy manipulations in our own countries and how we deal with these situations. The general task is to employ maximum revolutionary vigilance and develop the united front, or as in the example of the Chinese Revolution, develop and employ the 'peoples democratic dictatorship', ie., the rule of the independence and socialist-oriented peoples. 

What is the general situation and challenges today?


"Nothing is more precious than independence and freedom" 
- Ho Chi Minh, revolutionary anti-imperialist and communist leader of Vietnam

The fundamental strategic approach is for the masses to fight for, maintain and protect their country's independence. The independence-oriented country-specific, regional and global anti-imperialist united front is the most primary strategic challenge until the total end to the global system of neo-colonialism. 

The destruction of Libya (2011), Syria (2011 - on-going), Iraq (1990-2003, ongoing), Afghanistan (1980-2002, on-going), Somalia are a few examples of the fall out when we do not have effective anti-imperialist united fronts on a country-specific, regional and global level. No relatively peaceful, independence country: no liberation struggle. 

The united front must comprise the maximum forces for independence, which means ALL forces are thrown into this front, while always recognising the weaker elements and sections of the people, limiting the sell out potential and developing the loyalty to the united front liberation strategy. 

Zimbabwe, Algeria, South Africa, China, Cuba, Venezuela (and all ALBA countries) and many other countries are all examples of anti-imperialist united fronts of all classes and sections of society. The capitalist class of all sizes in these countries are an integral part of the united front strategy, our capitalist class and capitalist mechanisms are for the foreseeable future integral parts of our struggle. 

The capitalist classes like any other classes has potential to sell out is not strictly due narrowly to their economic nature, but due to their POLITICAL relationship to the independence struggle and their POLITICAL relationship to the enemy: neo-colonialism and imperialism. Organisations which comprise mostly of workers, labourer or capitalists are open to selling depending on their policy towards the enemy. In some cases the enemy in order to attain its objectives uses workers organisation by political and ideological corruption which usually goes hand in hand with economic corruption most often through patronage of funding etc. Being Black or Brown is not a naturalised revolutionary condition, neither is being a worker, student or capitalist: ANY section of the people can sell out and serve imperialism, as we have seen most traumatically in Nato's Arab Sting which cultivated an array of organisations and movements that had the 'popular classes' in them serving not themselves or their peoples, but the enemy.

When the Soviet Union and Easter European Socialist countries existed, they could give massive industrial and military aid to independent Global South countries which enabled these countries to some extent to avoid capitalist mechanisms to develop economy and trade within the country, however, this was not an all round healthy situation as the collapse of these countries in the 1989-1991 period showed that if they suddenly collapsed, we lost some 80% plus of our economic and political functionality. Unless we have enormous economic and military aid from huge industrialised friendly countries, we must generally 'go through' the mechanisms of a mixed economy to achieve economic conditions that lift the burden on those who create all the wealth. In ALBA countries, the BRICS and in Zimbabwe the so-called 'capitalist class' still play an integral role in the independence and socialist-oriented strategies, and this is a generalyl good thing with all its challenges, and not a bad thing.

But the landlord and capitalist class will be put under total domination and will eventually be wiped out as a section of society as a time will come when the conditions for the total emancipation of the labouring masses will see the general seizure of all land and wealth from the capitalists within out respective Global South countries, then which will be shared commonly amongst the peoples, as this wealth is the peoples, no one else's. 

While one does not know when this time will come and how this will be done there are some broad conditions that first have to be met (all these are strictly in accordance in developing the united front, an approach which is complex but vital):

1 - The united front across sections of our people must be developed to protect our countries from total destruction and to maintain peace and stability. The united front must defeat the global reach of imperialism, ie., end neo-colonialism and imperialism once and for all;

2 - In preparation for the battles on the war of winning the larger self-defensive war of global liberation, the peoples livelihoods and their land and nature must be cultivated and raised up and protected;

3 - Raising the peoples means organising the country and the regions and global relations so that the peoples lives is made more comfortable through thorough land reform (land to the tiller), the empowering of peasant associations and unions; government support to peasants through affordable or free agricultural assistance, collective and government owned development farms and of the agricultural economy;

4 - Empowering the the urban labouring classes, raising and improving the power of their unions, and increasing the numbers of urban peoples, while trying to harmonise the urban centres with the 'interior' areas of the people of the fields/countryside;

5 - Exercise swift, overwhelming and decisive power against all sell outs;

6 - Maximum speed in developing the country's and the region's and global capacity for industrial, technological and military self defence against imperialism compounded with mass revolutionary para-military organisations trained and expert in Peoples War, as developed primarily by Mao Tse Tung, General Giap and Ho Chi Minh.

In reality, in many countries, these are not ready made strategies, but strategies to work on and develop. To invite unnecessary civil war between sections of our people, to initiate and manufacture violent fall outs between sections of the united front or sections which gravitate towards the united front is the greatest folly which only serves the enemy. In many of our countries, the labouring classes have not reached the capacity to have a strategic say in the the current historical and political course of the country, in such cases the united front is the central aim through which the power of the labouring masses and their organisations needs to develop. This is all said in a relatively straight forward way, ie., easier said than done'! Reality is complex and extremely challenging and testing, so these are lessons of the global liberation struggle, the anti-imperialist united front or even the 'global class war' to use the phrase of a USA-based anti-imperialist socialist (and trotsykite thinker!) Sam Marcy, that have to be applied creatively and without dogmatic and one dimensional thinking.


The current and final phase of Humanity's struggle in defeating the neo-colonialists and imperialists which is at the same time the liberation of Humanity is developing apace. Massive new historical and global strides are being made by our leadership of this struggle in the BRICS, SCO, ALBA, SADC, AU and allied forces. Through this path we can see that the conditions for the total emancipation and the rule of the 'wretched of the earth' is steadily nearing, as the labouring masses are the ones who are at the same time developing these strategies in many cases (such as in China, ALBA, Zimbabwe and other places), leading them and in general everywhere it is the masses that are putting this capacity together and in doing so easing the burden on themselves, as our liberation is the same as the defence of our countries which are all facing covert and overt imperialist war, and defending and developing our self-defence capacity is also at the same time lifting our economic and political power into leadership positions. 

The millions upon millions of our peoples who sacrificed on the road to this point of our relative global liberation struggles did not die in vain, standing high on their sacrifices the peoples of our Homelands are building and struggling towards the last major push for liberation which we are in the midst of. Either we stay loyal to them and partake in this glorious and beautiful struggle, or we sell out to the enemy. The choice is yours.

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