Thursday, 7 May 2015


“I am not prepared to sacrifice the British Empire, because I know that if the British Empire fell … it would mean the standard of life of our constituents would fall considerably.” Post 2ndWW Labour government foreign sec Ernst Bevin

The last labour governments conducted open genocidal wars in Serbia, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan and of course infamously Iraq. But f*** all that, let's just blindly bleat about 'getting the Tories out' and Labour in.

Who said Nazism is dead amongst the left and those asking for a labour vote in England! ie., the concept that the 'untermensch' deserve to be colonised and destroyed so long as we benefit from that in the form of the colonially extracted social wage that funds our welfare state etc.

Nearly all talk on the elections I am hearing is so hyper colonially Eurocentric, denies and just doesn't even define labour for what it is (pro war, pro neoliberal. Pro privatisation, anti Welsh/Scottish/Irish, white supremacist, the biggest hypocritical dishonest mainstream party etc), at least if one is honest then tactically go for whatever you want. For me, only once every member of every labour cabinet since 1997 and every labour government and mp before who have led British colonial and imperialist crimes have faced war crimes trial and been handed the appropriate sentencing, would I then consider touching labour with a barge pole.

I got no time for devils, apart from exposing them and being in political projects to defeat and destroy them. The only show in town is the SNP, everything else is irrelevant, unless you operating as part of this politically correct lefty liberal white colonial super race joke which is this pro labour farce.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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