Thursday, 7 May 2015



I am reminded today of the gargantuan force of neo-colonialism which turns the near entire english left (even 'anti-imperialists') into quivering collaborationist eurocentric white washers. Friends across the world who are loyal to the global anti-colonial liberation cause, watch closely how how people on this island how they so easily capitulate, and capitulate in a situation of the social peace which is delivered to them by means of colonial oppression of the planet. All decolonal anti-imperialist understanding has utterly collapsed because they love colonial labour party so much. But hey, those who lived through Libya know of the force of neo-colonialism which exposes the english and 'western' left as nothing but bigger hypocrites than the tories and republicans etc. What an ugly sight. Sick to my stomach.

Although this problem is very widespread (I can hardly look at my news feed on fb and twitter, its just a mad orgy of colonial shite) And the worst culprits it has to be said amongst this lefty liberal colonial project of deceit, are the white middle class colonial socialists of 'Socialist Action' cos they posture so loudly on 'latin' American radical countries and 'anti-imperialism' etc as cover to their deep white lefty english nature; they suck on and are parasites on the GlobalSouth, from which they get their money and careers in return they offer a tiny bit of political 'fixing' in england, but their lies, deceit and manipulations goes to the racist extent of using Chavez, Maduro etc, while allowing their friends in the british colonial state to attack Asia (China and Socialist Korea especially) and Africa (Libya, Zimbabwe etc) on which they are wholly silent and actually collaborationist with the colonial project to destroy them (yeah, one of their seniors has a blog that no one reads which says some good stuff on China, but no one knows about it, but everyone knows their colonial posture). They just outright lie about so much cos they want to protect their sordid liberal careerist positions in the liberal left circles of the english colonial order and through that colonise the Global South 'latin' American countries. It's a disgusting racket. You will see them manifest in all lefty mainstream english circles and 'campaigns' pumping out their embarrassing lies and silliness.

Some may allege sectarianism at me, but as I keep saying, our politics, that is legacy and current struggles of the anti-colonial anti-imperialist peoples informs me to be straight and define colonial phenomenon (including the labour party and the green party) for exactly what it is, to continuously popularise its actual nature and ONLY on that basis to make analysis and strategic and tactical decisions, rather than these idiots along with the rest of the english colonial left's position which is to lie, twist, to not mention and hide truths which are necessary in informing and contributing to building clear, loyal GlobalSouth imperialist decolonial capacity. My political orientation has NOTHING to do with these left colonials, my loyalty is with my people and our struggles against ALL sections of the enemy and its pedlars. Again, I would have hardly any problem if these forces called something but its true nature, made sure people knew that's what it is, and then decided to do whatever. But to turn a murderous, deeply conceited and hypocritical and imperialist entity like the Labour Party as anything but what it is, means that those who remain loyal to the cause have to call out this nonsense.

I too can feel the massive force to just come into the lefty neo-colonial fold, and just shut up with the decolonial anti-imperialist critique and join in this opportunistic racket cos you know, I too could be welcomed and rub shoulders with the colonially corrupt english left and through their gatekeeping role maybe shake the hand of this or that latin American diplomat etc. But that type of sell out from me is never going to happen.

The ONLY interesting thing about this election is the way the SNP have got the british state (and by the by, Socialist Action and the overwhelming majority of the english left are VERY hostile to Scottish independence / the break up of the british state) running scatterbrain scared all over the place. Actually, there could also be an argument that the LESS MPs labour has, the more the SNP and a few tactically allied seats could HELP the anti british state cause which is Scotland and less so Wales. All the while, the rest of the fools promote colonial racist Labour like its some saviour. Got to gell. Like I said, ONLY ONCE EVERY Labour cabinet member and MP who collaborated in the rape, looting and destruction of our people and lands is brought to justice, only then would I consider touching that cesspit with a barge pole.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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