Friday, 8 May 2015



1. 'People died for your right to vote!' - errr, many millions more died FIGHTING to liberate themselves from your bullshit 'democracy' which was for the majority of people in the world, and remains so, not democracy, but colonial then neo-colonial imperialist looting, raping and genocide. There is no natural 'good' in this election and voting, the only partial 'goodness' comes from utilising the flawed neo-colonial electoral process to develop your struggle as the SNP, Sinn Fein and before Black Panthers and others did.

2. 'SNP won cos they are anti-austerity' - well, lots of your pathetic english colonial left circles are also seemingly anti-austeriy (peoples assembly, left unity blah blah) but they have got nowhere, no, SNP have advanced cos they are ANTI-COLONIAL, and the MASS culture in Scotland is a leftward anti-colonial culture, and the left in england will get nowhere as long as it does not recognise anti-colonialism is fundamental to a socialist strategy in england

3. 'I'm moving to Scotland!' - No, stay in england and go amongst your english white working class peoples and develop an anti-imperialist socialist movement, rather than having utterly failed until now and then leeching off the Scots whose struggle of the SNP you never even supported anyway!

4. 'Labour need to be more to the left, that's why they failed' - Such disgusting nonsense and lies! No, Labour lost cos they are not RIGHT WING COLONIAL enough for the english electorate! The political trajectory of england since 1985 has been towards MORE colonially informed racism, privatisation, war etc. Labour and the english colonial left's support to Labour is a PART OF THE PROBLEM, not the solution. As long as the english left do not prioritise developing an anti-imperialist approach to socialism, they will always give away ground to the neo-colonial capitalist forces. At the moment, the english left just dont get this AT ALL.

5. 'We are going to see a peoples resistance against the Tories in england!' - oh yeah?! Like we seen in the last 5 years of tory rule? lol. No, the left has been smashed due to its own internalisation of neo-colonialism cos it cant imagine a future that is not tied to the system of labour party, the greens etc. Furthermore, the english are becoming MORE RIGHT WING, not less after the last term of Tory offensives, the left are on their arse, including the potential of radical Black n Asian anti-imperialist politics. What is going to happen is what HAS been happening for decades, england will continue to the right, what we need is to gather the forces who can IN A DECOLONIAL ANTI-IMPERIALIST fashion forge a new resistance. There are currently TINY numbers who are able to do this, this whole thing has to be built from scratch, and currently there are only literally a few dozen people up for it in the entire england. Those in england who are pro GlobalSouth anti-imperialise decolonial AND pro SNP and Scot Indepdence can literally be counted on one hand.

6. 'We need to reclaim the Labour party' - yeah, lets just forget all their raping, looting, warring, invading, genocidal crimes they did until their last term in govt, and which they still support around the world, AND also they are firmly pro privatisation! And for more on this, see above on issue of neocolonial loyalty of the english left. This pro labour shite is only taking away ANY potential of us actually moving forward.

We are deep in the shit. Black n Asian people should be the force to build this new resistance, but they have been confused and co-opted into a neo-colonial strategy to support the peoples colonial enemy which is the labour party. The english working class continue to lurch to the right and would rather blame Black n Asian people and now the "porridge wogs" of the Scots than blame the system. Don't fool yourself, we have EVERYTHING to build and at the same time are still constantly losing ground. Anyone who is up for the challenge, get in touch.

As I have tried to emphasise: the ONLY interesting thing in the elections, the ONLY interesting thing in politics on this island is the rise of the SNP, and one of my life long dreams has come true (I never thought it would!), that a political force that rejects racism, rejects militarism, rejects going to war with the GlobalSouth but actually wants friendship and peace with the GlobalSouth and a movement that wants to break this first and biggest most genocidal colonial Union is marching on British imperialism seeking to smash it into two is a growing and leading political force on this island!!

In sharp contrast England shows itself to be the growing right wing rump on this island. And the left and most of Black and Asian people including self professed radicals are still chasing after the solidly colonial unionist pro privatisation pro war racist Labour Party and the imperialist conceit of the greens. With all their contradictions the Scottish people are showing and trying to inform all of is that without basing your outlook strategy and policies on anti British colonialism, you will will forever remain steeped in a colonial right wing trajectory.

This, the most genocidal colonial union is dead, a massive contribution and honour to the countless martyrs and ancestors of ours in Asia and Africa who fought and continue to fight for their final emancipation against the brits and yanks.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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