Sunday, 19 April 2015


Observation on Katie Hopkins and Libya etc and the reaction against her: I do find it fascinating that when nato destroyed Libya in 2011 and unleashed its lynching, raping, abducting death squads people said next to nothing apart from obviously supporting it all as 'Arab Spring'. Now that we have very vulnerable people of ours being sent to their deaths into the Med sea by the very same forces people considered 'revolutionaries' of the Arab Sting a few years ago, and relatedly Hopkins said actually some very neo-colonially honest white supremacist words on the issue, people are all over this. What does this all mean? So many problematics!

Why not learn the lessons of Libya 2011 instead of repeating the same mistakes on Syria, South Africa, China and more? Do we only raise our voices when our people are totally humiliated by the Mafia boats and connected Hopkins-esque insults, ie., when our people are nearly totally helpless contrasted when they were having a good fight and Resistance against NATO and allies?

Do we only get 'hyped' cos someone representing our enemy in Hopkins is utterly honest and blunt?

Do we in contrast fall for nato directed mass rape, lynching and over 50,000 NATO bombing raids and tens of thousands of deaths cos it was spun by bbc and aljazeero as a 'revolution' and but refused to listen to Castro, Farrakhan, Chavez, Ortega and others who said this was another NATO war and not a "Spring"?

Hopkins and Clarkson are honest and blunt advocates of our enemy, I prefer that to be honest than aljazeero bennetton rainbow trendy rhetoric that covers for the same enemy and the SAME neo-colonial modus operandi against our peoples.

There is a Resistance in Libya, Algeria, Syria etc against this mess, but you know what, those moaning complaining about Hopkins would agree with her in their common hostility to our peoples Resistance! That's part of the profound irony to all this.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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