Saturday, 18 April 2015


How Somalia directly assisted Zimbabwean Liberation

(from brother Mohammed Ibrahim Shire​):

Trying to get this story on record insha'Allaah from a primary source.

Mugabe (incumbent president of Zimbabwe) once refused to allow donated wheat into his country. The head of WPF (non-African) was forced to make a personal visit to convince stubborn Mugabe. Instead of going alone, he took with him a WPF African official who happened to be a Somali in order to sweeten the talks.

Upon arriving in Zimbabwe; they were quickly transferred to the presidential palace. This is how the convo went:

Mugabe (turning his eyes to the Somali official and purposely ignoring the "white" WFP director): where are you from?

Somali: I am from Somalia

Mugabe: Somalia..ooh...Somalia... What happened to Somalia my young brother. Whilst we were a guerrilla faction fighting for freedom and independence in the ' helped us so much. What can I do my young brother...tell me what I can do.

Somali: What do you mean?

Mugabe: Siad Barre, he has done for us what no other African leader has done. We made contact with him whilst we were under-equipped, didn't have a single penny and desperately needed military aid. We requested that he gives us 1 million USD and enough equipment to replenish our military supplies for an additional month. He swiftly sent a military plane, brought us to Mogadishu and put us in a beautiful hotel never seen before in Africa (meaning Jubba hotel). Three days we were waiting, terrified that he ignored our plea or worse...sold us out to the rascist Rhodesian government. Just as we were thinking of trying to escape, his chief of staff knocked on our door. We were terrified, not knowing what to expect. His chief of staff informed us that the president wants to see them. We went to him late in the night. He listened to us and personally assured us that Somalia wants to see a free Africa and will support anyone that fights against any level of colonialism. Whilst he was talking to us, his chief of staff suddenly brought us a black suitcase and we're gobsmacked when we saw not 1 but 5 million USD dollars. He personally walked us to the Somali military plane laden with enough military supplies that would last us for years.

Oh you Somalis, how can we repay you for you were in the front-line against colonialism in Africa and now you've turned against each other. We can never repay you.

*For an hour, Mugabe was in an emotional state until he finally turned his eyes towards the WFP director.*

Mugabe: you white man, so you want me to allow the wheat import, fine...I'll sign the paper.

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