Monday, 20 April 2015


Just read the comments on the Huff Post article and see the callous, racist, genocidal attitudes expressed, outright joy in some cases. This is England at it's most honest.

"Many callers were sympathetic to her views with one simply saying: "If the boat sinks then tough""

However much the liberal media may express faux disgust at Hopkins and empty sympathy over tragedies such as this, let's not kid ourselves. If it came down to it, these white liberals would rather African migrants were at the bottom of the sea, rather than living in the house next door. Their horror isnt at the white supremacist genocide against Africa, it is at their discomfort when faced woth their own complicity. Katie Hopkins is the voice of their inner monologue. Not to be uttered in polite company, don't let them see us for the crude savages we are.

And in a time when more people will sign a petition to defend a racist, abusive millionaire tv presenter, than to defend the NHS, does anyone really believe working class England will open its doors, its communities, its hospitals and its hearts in solidarity with their fellow workers dying in their hundred, thousands in search of an honest days labour across the water? Or that rather they will join in the jokes where the punchline is a 21st century holocaust?

Katie Hopkins, Nigel Farage, Jeremy Clarkson and their ilk are not the exception. They are the honest voice of the mainstream. From city boardrooms to small town boozers, they are the Voice of England. Colonial, white, racist and without compassion or concern in defence of good old British tradition of laughing in the face of those you throw to the waves.

- James Stuart

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