Thursday, 30 April 2015


40 Years since the Victory of Vietnam against Colonialism and Neo-Colonialism
Mera Naam, Tera Naam VIETNAM! VIETNAM! 
(My name, your name is VIETNAM VIETNAM!)
- Solidarity slogan of South Asian peoples during the Vietnamese War of Liberation

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm
30 April 2015

Today is the 40th Anniversary of the liberation of Vietnam by the revolutionary leadership of Ho Chi Minh and General Giap and the entire resistance forces in Vietnam, who defeated Japanese colonialism in 1945, French colonialism in 1954 and then USA neo-colonialism in 1975.

The colonial and imperialist war against Vietnam was an attempt by the 'west' to stop the tide of independence struggles that was raging like a prairie fire across the southern three continents in the period after the second world war.

The genocidal imperialist war against Vietnam was an attempt of the imperialists to take revenge on the global united resistance that gave the USA its first post second world war defeat in the theatre of Korea when the Soviet Union and Socialist China gave support to the Korean peoples defeat of the imperialists in the early 1950s, with the Korean people paying the terrible price of 4 million martyrs in the three years of the 'Korean War' in 1950-1953.

The imperialist war in Vietnam was revenge for the victory of the Chinese Revolution in 1949.

The Resistance of the Vietnamese people ushered in a new phase of militant global struggle, leading Che Guevara and many others to focus on Vietnam as the vanguard of the global revolution, with Che arguing for other peoples to take up the model of the Vietnamese Revolution in order to disperse the impact of the colonial genocide against them and in order to develop a major global push in defeating imperialism.

The Resistance in Vietnam and its victory was overwhelmingly achieved by the Vietnamese themselves, and then with support from China and the Soviet Union. The Vietnamese Resistance opened up a massive space of rebellion in the 'west', with the anti-colonial internal struggles within the west, especially in the form of the Black Liberation Movement throughout the west but especially in the usa to combine their struggle against the same common enemy with that of the much bigger, more intense, incomparably more bloody and traumatic struggle of the Vietnamese against the common imperialist enemy. This unity led the Black Panthers to offer their own cadres to join the Vietnamese Resistance (the Vietnamese appreciated the offer but pressed upon the Black Panthers to escalate their struggle within the usa), it led the firebrand radical and world champion boxer Muhammad Ali to lose his champion belt in refusing to fight his brothers and sisters in Vietnam.

The Vietnamese Resistance won their struggle no one else won it for them, as sometimes politicos in the west try and make out that their opposition to the war had any strategic contribution in that imperialist war's defeat. Apart from the escalating struggle of the Black and Brown people allied with radical white organisations, which played a minor and tertiary role in the defeat of the imperialists in Vietnam, it was the Vietnamese and them and their primary global allies that won the war. However, the Vietnamese struggle radicalised the western youth and gave them the biggest historical opening for rebelling against the system.

Vietnam was destroyed deliberately for generations. Vietnam was reunified and liberated in 1975, over three million dead, over 50 million gallons of toxins were put into the land and people of Vietnam by the enemy. The people were intensely raped, looted, bombed in their millions. Vietnam has gone on to conduct the liberation in extremely difficult circumstances, and it is an obligation of all anti-imperialists, decolonials, and people who believe in justice for Humanity that they continue to give unconditional support to Socialist Vietnam and their on-going process of protecting their independence and uplifting their people and land. 

The deeply neo-colonial conceit and dark side of the human condition is shown when those who will support a people when they die in their millions for liberation but will turn their back shortly after the imperialist enemy has been defeated and the tasks of reconstruction is on hand, that at the very moment when the Vietnamese and other peoples need empathy and solidarity, that the neo-colonial lefty knives come out and they snipe and turn their back on the Vietnamese.

The Vietnamese nation and people continue to make strides towards healing their people and country and developing the conditions towards socialism and equality. We owe a massive debt to the Vietnamese people. We have everything to learn from them in terms of their anti-imperialist and socialist ideology and their ethics and culture of resistance and liberation. They owe us nothing, we owe them everything.

In 2003 I went on a solidarity delegation that conducted some volunteer labour in building roads in the central highlands of Vietnam. We gave back a tiny amount of what we owed the Vietnamese. We visited the Vietnamese government orphanages of those children still born with severe defects from the toxins ('Agent Orange') which will impact the Vietnamese people for generations to come. While the mainstream media will focus on the death, deformities and destruction of the Vietnamese war in line with their white supremacist colonial nature as they only like to show our people when they are dead or dying or torn to bits. In contrast, we raise up the Humanity and the earth shaking achievements of the Vietnamese and learn at their feet of what being a revolutionary is, and what a revolution against the enemy gone mad looks like. 

Every city had a museum dedicated to the Resistance during the war, staffed often by a stern and militant Vietnamese female comrade. These museums showed the creative wonders of the Vietnamese people in their quest for freedom, each museum was a revolutionary university. We visited Ho Chi Minh's mausoleum, and gave thanks to one of Humanity's greatest freedom fighters. 

We visited the martyrs tomb in Cu Chi where the famous underground resistance tunnel system is, and saw the thousands of names of martyrs from Cu Chi engraved in the inner walls of the tomb. 

And of course, we discussed, talked, and ate the delicious Vietnamese cuisine with a wonderful people in a stunningly beautiful land who can enjoy relative peace and security of their Homeland.

Towards the end of the imperialist debacle in Vietnam, they had a policy of 'Vietnamisation' of the war, ie., getting Vietnamese people to increasingly face even more of the brunt of the war instead of the tens of thousands of soldiers from the usa dying and getting injured. The enemy has continued this strategy and has used death squads in Libya on the ground while Nato bombed and destroyed Libya from the skies. The enemy has now directed and supplied their primary ally in the region in the form of Saudi Arabia to front their neo-colonial war against Yemen. 

The enemy continues to 'Black face' its neo-colonialism to confuse the masses, a strategy which has some success as both Libya and Yemen have seen no national mobilisations by the white left led anti-war movements in the west, we can even say these are popular wars in the west with the anti-war movement refusing to push for serious anti-war mobilisation. 

Those of us loyal to the Vietnamese, Libyans, Zimbabweans, Yemeni and all resistant victims of the strategies of Nato and neo-colonialism must wrest control of the anti-war movement and raise the ideologies and strategies appropriate to resisting neo-colonial war, indeed global covert and overt neo-colonial war has ALWAYS been an integral part of the colonial and neo-colonial system. 

My Mother and Father raised me from childhood in loyalty to the Vietnamese people, with my Mother recalling her participation in demonstrations in support of the Vietnamese people and their central slogan was 'mera naam, tera naam, Vietnam! Vietnam', translated as 'my name, your name is Vietnam! Vietnam!'.  Our names continues to be Vietnam, Korea, Algeria, Angola, Mozambique, Cuba and every on-going struggle of our resistant peoples, leaderships and countries which are still in an intense and complex knife edges struggle in this last phase and age of struggle to totally defeat neo-colonialism once and for all across the planet. Will we stand by this struggle? We owe it to them.

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