Wednesday, 18 March 2015


The Arab Sting has struck again, this time tragically in Tunis with the neo-colonial terrorist attack against a museum. 

This is what the Arab Sting has unleashed, a political trauma defined by the deepening all the neo-colonial oppressions to terrible levels. 

While the british state has ensured that Gulf Monarchies have more or less direct and indirect control of most of the Muslim communities in britain, outside in the Muslim world, there is growing mass seething anger against this neo-colonial pro-zionist pro-imperialist terrorism, our peoples only need a green light and leadership for an almighty historic liberation-oriented whirlwind to be unleashed to wipe out these neo-colonial scum. Where and how will this leadership come about? Its not clear yet, but I feel we are on the cusp of it. 

The Muslim masses are sickened to their back teeth by sadistic gangsters using and abusing Islam to kill everyone and destroy everything but the enemies of the peoples (ie., imperialism and zionism and their allied Turkish and Gulf Monarchist states). 

The Saudis are scuppering and sabotaging the unity between the Egyptian state/army/peoples and the Islamic Republic of Iran and the wider Resistance Axis. Egypt is already united with Syria in opposing the neo-colonial terror project. Don't believe the public hype, Egypt and Iran are busy discussing ways out, while President Sisi is very unhappy with what he calls 'the bunch of pigs' in the nato-allied Gulf monarchies. T

hings are slowly moving to a head, and I guarantee everyone, we will see a massive upsurge in anti-imperialist struggle in the region that will be defined by: 

1, A massive upsurge against neo-colonialist terrorism, 

2, In so doing taking back Islam and Muslims back into the liberation project and away from the collaborationist project of the Arab Sting and related death squads 

3, a deepening of the global strategic alliances with the BRICS, and esp with Russia, China and Africa, and to some extent 

4, the deepening of the prospects of the social justice interests of the masses, as the masses will not be unleashed in unity with their leadership against neo-colonialism and growing unity with the BRICS without some significant raising of their conditions. 

We are emerging towards nearing the light from the deep dark tunnel of the last 4 years.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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