Thursday, 26 March 2015


British-Yankee (Saudi) bombing from the air, al Qaeda and Ikhwan bombing from the ground. THIS is the neo-colonial allied war of destruction against the Muslim world be it in Libya, Syria and even in England. And as such there is no future for the Muslim world if this neo-colonial alliance is not defeated and buried.

I support the Yemeni peoples and the Houthi people there in their resistance against the Yankee-British-Saudi war of aggression that is currently taking place.

The neo-colonialists are terrified that their gulf monarchies are being surrounded in the Gulf area and that the water channel in the Persian Gulf is basically now under the strategic control of Iran and allies. As Leila Khaled said at the ‪#‎MXFilmFest‬ the priority in the Muslim world is to unite to defeat the neo-colonial death squads, which operate in Yemen and are backed by Saudi and other Gulf monarchies and also by the Pakistani ISI.

Victory to the anti-imperialist resistance in Yemen, total defeat to the neo-colonial death squad project and total defeat to the British-Yankee-Saudi war of aggression on Yemen. This war of aggression is a desperate move by the enemy as they see their hegemonic position under direct threat in the region.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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