Monday, 9 March 2015


Moazzam Begg admits he trained death squads who went onto join 'isis' etc. Remember, this was formally ticked off in his secret meetings with MI5.

His comment about how he hates Isis cos they killed and tortured his death squads friends should be seen in a context that these armed gangs / death squads OFTEN kidnap and torture people from other death squad factions over disputes over money, land, women and ransoms.

Also his comments about researching 'rendition' ie., the rights of Global South countries to demand those armed gangs who have been protected, managed and facilitated by neo-colonialism to be returned to face justice for their crimes, is just a cover story for Moazzam Begg's death squad project.

And finally, Begg's comments about helping to release Henning might be true, but again has a major dose of being a cover story of trying to hustle and negotiate his death squad project in relation to the British state and regional powers and interests.

As I have said many times before, IF Moazzam and his related neo-colonial death squad project was uniting and freeing our people I wouldn't care how much heat I would get, I would support them 100% as I did, albeit in hindsight very foolishly for nearly a decade since circa 2000. However, Moazzam, Nusra, Ahrar Sham, isis and the rest of them are directly dividing, traumatising and ruining whole countries and regions for the benefit of neo-colonialism and its regional allies.

Unsurprising western and westernised lefties and others are still trying to turn collaboration with the west in these death squads as some liberal human rights cause celebre. Yes, these recruits from britain and elsewhere are oppressed and alienated by British neo-colonialism and racism, but to then go on and join and support these death squads means you step into playing the role of nato's vanguard death squads and have decided to be a mercenary for the enemy. Those oppressed can also join liberation movements and alliances of the Global South, but to defend these guys who go over to join the enemy strategy and aims is to defend and advocate for our enemy not our oppressed peoples.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

"As part of my work, I’d spent time in Syria in 2012/13 investigating US and UK involvement in the rendition of terror suspects, some of whom had become revolutionary leaders. During my visit I’d assisted rebel leaders in rescuing tortured captives from militias. Many of these militias went on to join Isis, which is why I was asked to help Henning.

I raised the matter with the Foreign Office (FO), took advice from former hostage Terry Waite and got a message to the controversial jihadi Jordanian cleric Abu Qatada to make an appeal. I prepared a letter to Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghadi pleading for Henning’s release...

I have more reason than most to oppose Isis. They have tortured and executed several of my friends in Syria, including a rendition victim and a man who welcomed me into his family home where I stayed for months.."


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