Wednesday, 4 March 2015


I think for the first time in my life just now, I moved carriages on the tube. There was a white guy next to me with seeming mental health issues, he was staring at me weird and talking to himself in an agitated manner. So instead of chancing a possible outburst from him, I just moved carriages.

I guess this is a pinprick version of what women and girls go through everyday in terms of harassment borne out of sexist society!

But the atmosphere is clearly more racist and islamophobic, and increasingly people are seeing us non-White Muslim or Muslim looking people as JihadiJohn or those foolish girls who been groomed and sent to Syria.

Fact is, these pro neo-colonial death squad forces such as Anjem, Cage and their protectors are the main facilitators to the British state's imperialist and anti-Muslim white supremacy. They have totally assisted the British state putting us into this mess, and assisted the British state to develop this death squad war in Syria, Libya and elsewhere.

Owen jokes today writes in the guardian that the death squads are nothing compared to the Syrian government! So there you have a total agreement of strategy uniting the White left, the British state and NATO and the death squads such as Nusra, 'Isis' etc. this is neo-Thatcherite rule with no Resistance in England. Look after each other, especially our sisters who look Muslim, they are really getting it right now.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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