Wednesday, 18 February 2015


RT Shows Global South Can Wing the Media War Against Neo-Colonialism

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm 
Weds 18 Feb 2015

Russia Today TV has revolutionised the exchange of information on current news and analysis in the print and especially TV medium. Before RT, the english speaking masses of the world had no access to a platform that gathers all opposition to nato and the neo-colonialists. After RT, but really after RT's critical and anti-nato coverage of Libya in 2011 (the ONLY global channel to promote a consistently anti-nato line on Libya) RT's audience rocketed and since it is a for the first time in a VERY long a MAINSTREAM channel. RT has its limitations, it is basically the inverted manifestation of Fox News in style and production but with an anti-nato editorial line.

While I don't agree with reproducing the colonial elements of Fox and western news channels as RT has done (basically, a tendency towards although not only sensationalism, too much misogynistic-sexualised sisters presenting etc), there is a basic and extremely effective formula that RT has: put a decent amount of money into the channel, hand the project to 'savvy' younger oriented producers etc, and hey presto, Russia has now the most popular mass audiences based channel in the world! Press TV is excellent, as is TeleSUR English, Chinese CCTV, however, they are just failing to invest the resources necessary for these platforms to be as successful as RT. If they and others did so (I think Belarus, Zimbabwe, Algeria, and basically any OPEC and relatively resource-rich Global South state) should be adopting with modifications and according to their own characteristics and style a RT model that would mean that we have a pluriversal spectrum of channels that are considerably biting into the mainstream space which is still dominated by the nato neo-colonialists.

Look again to RT, they have got out Putin, Lavrov's and the Russian leadership message to the world in a most effective manner (which is now inspiring the wrath of the west who are seeking to shut it down), the genie is out of the bottle, no amount of western wars against RT and Press TV etc can stop the tide of the GlobalSouth media being on the march and upping its capacity in assisting the general wars of liberation of the Global South against nato and coloniality.

RT shows that our countries can in a short amount of time effectively win the 'hearts and minds' and 'soft power' battle with the enemy, and our side should waste no time rather put major efforts into developing their media, as the existentialist war between who dominates: nato or the Global South masses, is well and truly intensifying.

Also, it would really help that all those weak and vacillating fools who run for Qatari or George Soros, or BBC, Channel4 and other neo-colonial money and backing, might be dragged back into being of SOME use to our global struggle.

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